Huawei Operating System Is Not An Android Replacement

In a latest report, Huawei operating system, HongMeng is not designed for the smartphones and they will continue to use Android. This time Huawei is downplaying the idea that the HongMeng operating system will serve as a drop in the replacement of Google Android for the smartphones.

The Chinese business executive and current chairman of Huawei technologies Liang Hua said that it is not decided yet that HongMeng OS can be developed as the smartphone operating system in the future. Chairman of Huawei Liang Hua said that this system is designed as a low-latency solution for IoT devices.

While the CEO of Huawei technologies, Jay Chen said that

“The operating system is used for the industrial use.”

All of these statements totally contradict from previous message of Huawei that they are in a process of launching, operating system which will allow the Huawei users to switch from Android. They clearly mentioned it before that the launch of HongMeng OS will act as a replacement of Google Android.

A statement was released in June this year from VP Andrew Williamson that Huawei will get it ready in months. These statements came out after Huawei was blacklisted by the Trump administration followed by a ban on Android from Google.

Moreover, they also said before that this shift is not something they want and they have been happy for being part of Android family. HongMeng is mostly tested in the China.

After being banned from Android, CEO Richard Yu from consumer division, said that Huawei is ready to use its alternatives.

However, this news looks like a U-turn after all these statements. The US administration of Donald Trump has announced to lift the ban from Huawei and now US companies are allowed to do business with Huawei.

This will definitely affect the dealings of Huawei with Google, which may lose 750 million users, if Huawei got banned from Android.

After this turn out, the world is not sure about the outcome of these situations between the Chinese tech-giant and the US. Moreover, it is not clear that how Huawei will go alone from now onward.


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