Huawei Heading Towards Making the World’s First 8K 5G TV

Huawei, a largest telecommunications equipment supplier is planning to release a world’s best television of 5G 8K by the end of this year. This launch will be having an ultra-high-definition 8K display. Huawei 5G TV is going to challenge the electronic products of other big companies like Samsung and Apple in the global electronic market.

Huawei 5G TV Attributes

From the reports it has been confirmed that the new Huawei 5G TV will be 100 times faster in comparison to the 4G systems. Users will soon be able to download heavy data contents such as reality shows. Moreover, they will be able to download 360 degree videos in order to watch the scenes from every angle.

With this new invention, it is expected that the need of cable box or satellite connection will end. An interesting thing is that this TV will become the hub of your other devices at home. The speed, Huawei TV with 5G is going to offer will be fast enough for the VR and the gaming content.

Huawei is progressing towards challenging the dominant positions of large electronic manufacturing companies Apple and Samsung globally. Huawei TV is offering two eye catchy details of 5G modem and 8K display resolution. It will enable the users to download high resolution programmes along with a 360 degree videos on cellular connections. It’s still not revealed that how this amazing flat screen, television is going to deliver such content.

However, Huawei 5G TV will act as a router for the wireless devices. Moreover, it is going to support the VR content and will be serving higher resolution videos to phones and tablets.

Shao Yang, Chief Strategy Officer explained that this new launch is not going to happen in the first half of this year and the timeline of introducing 5G TV is still not finalized. Shao further proceeded that Huawei is still thinking about the idea to either collaborate with any other manufacturing company or make its own TV.

According to the reports, Huawei may become one of the world’s top PC makers in coming years and definitely planning to give an aggressive challenge to its competitors. Huawei is heading towards ideas out of the box by distinguishing its next-generation electronic items from those of rivals.

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