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To start an online business from home or starting an online business in Pakistan and work during the hours of your choice is a very Hot topic in Pakistan. If you too are tired of the 9 to 5 grind and want to break free of the routine. Start doing what you love and mint money out of it. The best part is it is not an impossible dream. In fact, in this era of technology setting up an online business from home, is easy and dirt cheap. All you need is a great startup idea in Pakistan. To start an online business. Let me take you through the steps of becoming an entrepreneur or startup ideas for business. small online business ideas need motivation, focus & determination.


  • The Online Business Idea is the Beginning of Every Success Story:

Find a startup idea: Explore within yourself, what is it that you are passionate about? What is that one thing that you never get tired of doing? That’s your cue from nature, you were made to excel in that field.

Online Business from Home

Find your passion and turn it into a flourishing business. It could be anything from cooking meals to graphic designing, selling your paintings to selling your marketing skills.

If you are unable to find small online business ideas or start-up idea, here is another hint for you:

Think of your life and how would you like to improve it. Think of a problem that you need a solution for. There is a fat chance, many other people are facing the same issues, and are searching for solutions.

If you could find a solution for yourself pertaining to small online business ideas, you have a solution for them and a great business idea too


 Do Market Research

 start up ideas

Before you launch your business or startup ideas, you need to see if your product is required. And will people like it or not. Twist and tweak your startup idea to make it more marketable, what can you do differently to engage a more audience.


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Find your Target Audience

start up ideas

Now, be creative with your startup idea. If you love designing dresses and there are plenty of designers out there, so, you will encounter a lot of competition,  therefore, look at your idea from a different angle. Try to target a neglected group of audience. For instance, make clothes for plus-sized people. You must have read women ranting about being unable to find cute clothes in plus size ranges. That’s your cue, grab that market. Start an online business


Do the Coffee Shop test

The coffee shop test is a litmus test for your startup idea. It will give you a clear picture and help you define better goals to set-up your online business from home.  Get a small quantity of your product made and offer it to a few people. Record their responses and ask for suggestions.


  • Lay Foundation for your Online Business in Pakistan:


 start up ideas

Gone are the days when you needed a physical location to display your merchandise. In this age of technology, you can just set up an online store. And market your product to the entire world in a few clicks.

Once you start sure of your start-up idea and your production, now you need a place to sell it.

There are many famous e-commerce plate forms, including magneto and WooCommerce, etc. That supports online business from home. But our personal favorite is Shopify. It has a user-friendly interface. You can easily set up your online store and customize it completely to match your brand image.

Shopify is a whole package including the hosting service. It is well maintained, secure can be reached through mobile phone, Moreover, the loading speed is super-fast.

Shopify covers the marketing aspect of the business too, it is loaded with marketing tools like gift cards, coupons, and store statistics. It even provides targeted email marketing. And last but not least it provides 24/7 customer care.


Establish your Brand

how to start an online business from home, start up ideas

A brand is much more than just a logo or a fancy name. Think of your business as a living, breathing person, a brand is the personality of a business. Your brand is the depiction of your journey, your dreams, and your goals, and most importantly, how are you beneficial for the customers, what solutions do you provide.

Make sure to build your brand as you build your business.


Find your Target Audience on Social Media

how to start an online business from home, start up ideas

Social media is a great market place, especially to start an online business from home. You can display your merchandise for free. You can generate leads to your website through paid and non-paid ads, or simply by just posting on social media, we recommend Facebook.

Use social media influence to establish your brand. Remember quality and consistency are the keys to social media success. Therefore, you should go for social media scheduler service, to manage regular posting on social media.

We recommend using Buffer which lets you use their social media scheduling tool for free.


Register on Google my Business

how to start an online business from home, Startup Idea

Becoming visible fro the local clients is really important for an online business from home. We suggest you register yourself on google my business to appear in searches of your local audience. And in only a few minutes you will increase your visibility by 10 folds.

It has been researched that people who search for a local vendor on google maps end up making purchases 70 percent of the time.


Connect Influencers for Great startup idea in Pakistan 

how to start an online business from home, Startup Idea

Collaborate with other small businesses with relevant startup ideas to increase your outreach. Additionally, you can try to expand your audience through influencers and bloggers, you can send free product samples, in return for reviews. Post these endorsements on your social media to attract more audience.


Data Analysis startup ideas in Pakistan

how to start an online business from home, Startup Idea

Data analysis is the science of reading data. To understand the customers’ behavior and market trends.  It also includes making predictions based on data trends. This is a powerful tool to recognize the trends, so, you need a good insight into how they use the data analysis tools work. Some of the Best online business in Pakistan or startup ideas in Pakistan is currently

(1) Web Management

(2) Data Entry

(3) Online Blogging

(4) Consultations Online

(5) Designing Graphics

And how it answers your initial question: how to start an online business from home. You can also check the marketability of start-up ideas, and your marketing strategy is creating enough results.

Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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