If you want to look picture perfect like the ladies who breeze through summers like a fashion icon. Read on for stylist approved summer style tips to make the most of spring summer 2019 fashion trends. We have every summer fashion trend covered with breezy clothes to tinted moisturizer and cool shades.

Spring Summer 2019 Fashion Trends

Go for breezy, loose cloth:

Loose fitting clothes are the best choice for spring summer 2019, maxi dresses, breezy pants, and loose lawn shirts all are perfect for summers.

Choose natural materials:

Lawn, cotton, and linen are the best materials for summers, as they let your body breath. But don’t go crazy over the designer, lawn. Please.

Wear all whites:

Whites look glamorous in any season, A safe summer style tip is to wear all whites, or mix and match your dress and pair up with whites.

Look pretty in pastel:

Pastels are the most popular Spring Summer 2019 fashion trend. This year pastels are so in fashion, especially pastel pinks and peaches. Add lighter colors to your wardrobe to get the chic look.

Learn some new braids and buns and keep your hair off your neck and face:

Nicely done hair upgrade your look one hundred percent. Learn some easy braids and cute buns to doing this summer to look neat and stylish.

Ditch your foundation for a tinted moisturizer:

In summer and always, unless you are a makeup artist or a beauty blogger. Less is more when it comes to makeup. Wear tinted moisturizer or BB creams, and don’t forget the primer. Stay tuned for a detailed summer makeup guide.

Go easy on the jewelry:

Minimalism is the key, or wear just one statement piece of jewelry. You should feel comfortable if you want to look comfortable.

Carry a cross body bag or a small purse:

Large bags and tote bags look good, but small purses or cross body bags will keep your hands free and make you look cool.

Say Yes to open sandals:

Spring Summer 2019 is the time to wear sandals, sliders or flats, whatever you call them. You can wear, ethnic kholapuris, khussey as they are so trending these days.

Wear a hat or a scarf:

Always wear a hat or a scarf when you are out in the sun to avoid getting too hot, plus scarfs look cute with most outfits.

Get cool shades:

“Nothing really completes an outfit like oversized sunshades.” Don’t forget your sun shades girls.

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