How to Find Hidden Spy Apps on Android

how to find hidden spy apps on android

Hackers are everywhere, whether its organizational data or personal data. They can get it within minutes if they want. Everybody wants their data should be safe. There are several phone spy Apps available for this purpose. Hackers can locate spyware on Android so that they can destroy devices with viruses and attacks. From here, you will also know about Android spy App file names and Android spyware file names. In this blog, I will tell you how to find hidden spy Apps on Android, Plus we will also discuss the spy app for android that you can use to safeguard your phone.


How to Detect Hidden Spyware on Android

How to find hidden spy Apps on Android , android spyware file names

Here are the ways to find out hidden spyware.


Abnormal Battery Drain

Here is how to find a spy app on Android which concerns mobile’s battery.

  • If you see your mobile phone battery drains within a half-hour or less time, then there is a chance of hidden spyware
  • Secondly, cell phone spy Apps are too heavy and drain a lot of energy.


Weird Phone Behaviour

If your mobile phone is acting weird lately then there is a chance on spyware on Android. For instance, if your phone switches off automatically and repeatedly, or may vibrate occasionally. Also, if you find some other Apps installed on your phone which are not downloaded by the user. There may be a case that you are trying to uninstall a certain App but, unable to do so. spy apps malware tends to show this behavior. This was of the solution to the question; how to find spyware on Android.


Repeated reboots

People who tend to attack can easily locate spyware on Android OS.

  • Your phone may work perfectly but shutdowns frequently.
  • Spy Apps malware shows this kind of behavior.
  • It is the easiest way of how to find a spy app on Android.


Distortion during voice calls

One of the indications of how to find hidden spy Apps on Android is this factor. Phone spy apps may create strange noises during phone calls. Here are some of the similarities if there are Android spy App file names in your phone.

  • There may be a beeping voice during a phone call. There is a little probability that your call is being recorded.
  • If you never thought of this, try making a call and notice if there is any sort of distortion during a voice call.
  • You can also compare by calling on the same number from different mobile (and different SIM) to detect cell phone spy App.


How does spyware get on Android?

locate spyware on android

Hidden spyware is installed on a cellphone without any acknowledgment or user authorization. It is a serious threat to your security. In the above section, I mentioned how to detect spyware on Android. This portion of the article deals with how spyware paves its way into the phone.


Via Online Downloads

The major reason is that users download various files via the internet. Some software carries Android spyware file names within their files. When the user installs the software, phone spy Apps are automatically downloaded. You may now know how to find a spy app on android.

In some cases, there are Android spy App file names that are masked as beneficial App to the user, so without searching or having knowledge about that App or file name, users download that. Spy apps malware is installed when you download the following

  • Toolbars and Browser extensions from third-party Apps or unknown sites.
  • Via video players
  • Those apps which display the label “FREE”. They have Android spy App file names encapsulated within Apps to be downloaded.
  • Unauthorized Antivirus Apps

The above-mentioned download may not of any advantage to the user. The only purpose is to install spyware on Android. Novice users, or any other user which has no idea of spyware, gets all the software installed. Having no idea, how harmful they could be.


Once, Android spyware file names are downloaded to OS, it is nearly impossible to get rid of spyware. Sometimes, even if you factory reset your cell phone, spy Apps still might be present.


Links, Mails & Texts

You may receive weird messages and emails which contain a malicious link. You need to delete all the messages and emails without clicking on that link. It is the most suggested way to get rid of spyware.
Phishing is mostly targeted towards novice users. The messages can attract users easily by offering a free meal or saying you won 10,000 PKR. However, they ask for bank details. Do not give details to any such messages. You might get bankrupt.


Spyware Activation

If you know about how to find spyware on Android, here is some more information. Spy apps malware activates by simply clicking a link. It s a dodge strategy, sometimes it is mentioned as “Click here to proceed” or sometimes it is written, “Click here”. Not only this, but a user can also be asked to click on a certain link, otherwise, he is unable to download a specific folder. The downloads carry scripted code that has venomous content. Hackers may locate spyware on Android successfully.

Whenever, a browser pop-up appears, view it in detail. Don’t like Ok or Yes abruptly.
The latest OS version should be installed and the browser should be updated
If pop up messages get stuck, restart your phone as soon as possible, so all the operations end.


How to Get Rid of Spyware

locate spyware on android

Are you fully aware of how to find hidden spy apps on Android? If yes, then here is how to get rid of spyware. There are some tips and techniques to vanish cell phone spy Apps. First of all, you need to install any authentic Antivirus file or software on your cell phone. Here are the simplest steps that you can follow.


Enable Safe Mode

If you want to carry your business or important work and cell phone is needed. Enable either safe mode or an emergency mode of your mobile phone.


Update version of your OS

People are ignorant if their device is not updated. They know there phone is working fine and there is no need to update it. This logic might go wrong. Constantly update your OS. There is a chance that Android spyware file names might get deleted after the update.


Change the Passcode

If you realize that your phone is acting strange and you detect any hidden spyware. Change passwords of all the Apps, as well as phone passcode. Make sure you have changed the password of your banking Apps, disable the biometric verification as well. If you think there is something serious, call the related bank helpline and block the online banking processes.


Physical Security is Necessary

Apart from App locks and passwords, you need to protect your phone with a different password. Apart from PIN code, pattern or password, enable biometric on your phone. If someone tries to break into your phone, his attempt will be unsuccessful because of unauthentic biometric verification.


Switch Off the Cell Phone

Do some research on installed spyware on your phone. Till then shut down your phone and try to delete spyware from any other device. Be it the phone or any laptop.


Malware Scan

If you are successful in the question; how to find a spy app on Android? Then you must be looking at solutions to delete it. A full malware scan is useful for this purpose as hackers may locate spyware on Android. It will not eliminate full malware but it will be helpful.


Enable Two-factor Authentication

When this option activates, your accounts will require confirmation via your phone. Within that, you have to input the password and login credentials. It is super effective, if some malware is going to attack your phone, it will fail right there because it won’t be a valid confirmation.


Factory Reset

If your phone is not under your control. It is the final solution. Try to factory reset your phone so that all the unwanted files get deleted. Hackers may locate spyware on Android successfully. After this reset, all the things will set by default.


Services that can Protect your Phone- Mobile phone Spy Apps

Here are some services and Apps which can protect your phone from spyware.


MySpy – Spy App for android

Worried about phone security? here is how to find hidden spy Apps on Android. This is the website, which gives the user the facility for their phones to get monitored. You need to create MySpy login for this purpose. It can view your incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages. This app can access Facebook, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. Moreover, they can track your phone and monitor call history. This is one of the best tracking apps for your phone.

Download MySpy for Free



Here is how to detect spyware on Android. If you are in a position that your phone security is also important. Make a Flexispy login. It will monitor all your phone activities. The installation process is also easier. Flexispy mobile App is free if you have paid via the website. It can also be used to monitor your child’s activities on the phone. It’s one of the best spy app for android

Download Flexispy for Free


SpyBot-Search and Destroy

If it confuses you about how to detect spyware on Android. Take the services of SpyBot and live fearlessly. It has personal editions and professional editions. You may avail of any package that is most suitable for you.

I hope you may find an effective solution to how to find spyware on Android now!



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