How to Begin Planning a Wedding ? Things You Should Know

How to begin planning a wedding? Preparing for your wedding is a multi-step process that takes several months. Although an exciting process, it could take a toll on you and some things could go wrong. Save yourself from the embarrassment of chewing more than you can bite. This being your first time planning a wedding on budget, it’s wise that you know what to do or not to do. With the tips given here, you’ll be at a better place to get started with the other nitty-gritty of planning a wedding on budget. With the Tips mentioned below, we hope you will get all answers pertaining to how to begin planning a wedding.


How to Begin planning a Wedding


planning a wedding


Patience is a Virtue

Before you begin planning, remember that everything about organizing for the big day will take time. Some things won’t be in place as soon as you want them to, and dealing with vendors is taxing. Remember that the vendors you choose are most likely working with other couples simultaneously. 

If you hire a wedding planner, keep in mind that bids take time to generate. Planners will be waiting for information from vendors to supply you with information. This is where your patience will be tested. 

Remember to treat everyone with patience and to respect their business hours and boundaries. Aside from being wedding vendors, they’re human and have their personal lives, just like you. 


how to begin planning a wedding

Have a Budget in Place

Many of your wedding-related decisions will be based on planning a wedding on budget, so this should be one of the first things you address. If any family members are expected to contribute, talk with them about their limits. If you’re paying for everything yourself, it’s time to really look at your finances. Prepare for a sting when it comes to truly plan for your wedding day because many couples don’t realize the full extent of expenses involved until they receive their invitations. Once you’ve figured out what’s most important to you, keep it there!


Make a Guest List

planning a wedding


A guest list will guide you into knowing the approximate number of people you’ll be hosting. The list doesn’t have to be cast on stone yet, but you need to have an idea. You’ll keep adjusting it with time, especially depending on the funds available. 

Make a list that comprises two categories. The first one should have the “must invites” and the second “if possible.” Consult with your spouse and both sets of parents to hash this out. With a guest list at hand, you can find a venue to host them perfectly. 


Make a List of Wedding Day Priorities

Determine the three most essential parts of your wedding with your spouse. Is it the location or certain wedding date? Nailing down a specific wedding photographer or live band? Prioritize those details and make concessions on the rest to stay on budget. This will assist you in planning a wedding on budget while also allowing you to focus your attention on what matters most.



how to begin planning a wedding


Determine Your Wedding Style

Start by looking for a few wedding inspiration sources that you enjoy— Pinterest, Instagram, publications, and trustworthy bridal sites and begin researching. Once you start meeting with potential vendors, having a good sense of the sort of wedding ceremony you want comes in useful. Don’t be overwhelmed by all the wedding inspiration available. Creating one or more Pinterest boards—or even a visual collage on a cork or poster board—can help you figure out what type of appearance and feel you want while staying aligned with your main aim.


Get Organized

Checklists, spreadsheets, Word, Excel, Google Docs—in other words, anything that can collect all of your information, budgets, figures, etc., in one location. There are several outstanding online tools and applications available as well. For staying on track with activities.


date of wedding


Consider the Importance of Dates and Seasons

Choose a handful of ideal dates and be flexible if possible so you don’t get caught up when trying to book the wedding venue and vendors. Consider external circumstances like how popular those dates may be for other couples (making availability limited and costs higher), whether the dates would be difficult for your guests to attend, and the cost differences of venues and suppliers between seasons.


Check out all of your venue possibilities

Before you commit to a venue and a package, be sure to check out the costs, options, and any restrictions (such as a minimum budget expenditure or guest count) from several different potential wedding and reception sites. Even if a particular location and price are appealing, continue looking at other viewpoints. Before agreeing on a price, ask around about what other places charge.


Only Book Vendors That You Are Comfortable With

When it comes to selecting wedding vendors, you should not rush into any decisions. To ensure that your vital wedding day partners understand your goal and can work within your budget, consider at least a few alternative possibilities. Wedding vendors are the nuts and bolts of ensuring that your event is truly unforgettable, so make sure they’re people who you click with well. They should have a solid understanding of your vision and be able to rely on them to carry it out correctly.


wedding party


Choose Your Wedding Party Wisely

Friends and family may help you plan your wedding by offering emotional and practical assistance throughout the planning process and on the big day. Determining what number of people should be at your wedding party is a personal decision, taking into account the associated costs. Consider who you want standing next to you at this historic occasion, as well as whether they are capable of handling the responsibilities required of their job throughout the planning process.


Select a Theme

Whether you’re looking for wedding-related items (such as specific wedding colors, seasonal or fashion inspiration, or even a real theme like the Roaring Twenties or Festival Chic), it’s sometimes useful to pick a theme to build your wedding around. It’s simpler to make design choices when you have an aesthetic in mind, and generally, everything appears more coherent.

Don’t Sweat Out the Small Stuff

After you’ve made the big decisions, you might come across some better options. For example, after booking the venue and committing to it, a friend might suggest a better place. It may seem like a big deal, but it shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Believe that what you choose is what’s best for you.


Limit Your Options

It’s obvious that you can’t have all there is for your wedding day. All the available wedding day inspiration out there can be overwhelming. If you’re not careful, you’ll get distracted. 

Ensure you hone a specific wedding style and stay focused on it. Only try to align it with matching ideas that reflect your bigger vision.


Don’t Rush Into Making Decisions 

If you’re too quick in making decisions, you could fall short of getting the best. Consider a few different options as you compare what’s available. If you hire a wedding planner, they must understand your vision and your goal of planning a wedding on budget. 


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Book Hotel Room Blocks

Whether you’re having a destination wedding or a local celebration, there’s a good chance some guests will need to stay the night of the wedding. It’s considerate of you to think about this and set up a hotel block for them at one or more options. This will ensure that all of your wedding attendees are in the same general region, and many hotels can give cheaper rates depending on how many rooms are needed.



wedding shopping list

Wedding Attire and Accessories

Finding the perfect wedding gown is a complicated process. We recommend beginning your search as soon as possible after selecting your venue and finishing it nine months before the wedding date so you may have enough time for fittings and changes. Shopping for wedding party ensembles should begin around seven to eight months before the wedding, whereas groom and groomsmen’s clothing can wait until about five months ahead of time. Also keep in mind that you’ll need clothes for any pre-wedding parties such as brunches, showers, and rehearsals.


Allocate Toasts and Readings

Weddings typically have a limited number of invited guests, and toasts are distributed among the rehearsal dinner and celebration, although some couples prefer to have everything together at one time. You are in charge of informing toaster-makers of their duties, accepting requests to speak, and arranging the speaking schedule. Including readings in the ceremony, whether traditional, cultural, or literary, is a wonderful approach to pay tribute to individuals who are not part of the wedding party and who have made an impression on you. You are responsible for choosing speakers and establishing the speaking order, just as you would with toasts.


Finalize Setup Details

As your wedding day approaches, check in with your venue to see when your service providers will be able to arrive for setup. The earlier the better, but some locations may have other events going on the same day. Make sure to inform your vendors so that everyone is aware of the situation. So, now you know how to begin planning a wedding, we suggest being relaxed and taking some time out and take your best decision.


Say Thanks

Gratitude is a powerful force. Make arrangements for little presents for your wedding party and anybody else who helped you with your wedding planning, including friends who pitched in to help with all of your wedding DIY projects and, of course, parents or other family members who have been there for you and encouraged you along the way. Don’t be hesitant to thank them during the wedding toast either.


Final Thoughts

When planning a wedding on budget, it’s good that you know what to expect. Everything may not run as smoothly as you expect, and this is where your patience is tested. When the pressure mounts, you and your partner might get into a fight. 

This doesn’t mean that your end has come, but instead, let the small stuff go. It would be best if you worked together to make your budget, draw up a guest list, and settle on your options. Remember to limit your options and plan within your means. 

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