What looks beautiful to one person might not look attractive to the other. But everybody thinks women wearing glasses look cute. And, who can deny the sexiness and glamour a nice pair of reading glasses can add to a woman’s face. This could be only us, but the notion that women/girls with glasses are hot is backed by science. A psychology study published in 2011 suggested that people really find girls who wear glasses more attractive. So, in reality, hot women with glasses look smoking because of their glasses.

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Here’s Why Hot Women With Glasses Look Hot:

Like everything, there’s a science behind why people look more attractive with glasses on. I mean really, triggering the right brain chemicals can make you appear attractive We have summarized some of the reasons below.

A pair of glasses makes you look Studious and Intelligent:

Do you remember when in the school play somebody has to play the role of a teacher? Glasses were always a part of the getup.

Even though hours and hours of video gaming can be the reason behind a pair of reading glasses. But are naive minds are programmed to believe glasses mean a person who keeps their nose in the book. So, whatever is the real reason, in addition to being hot, girls with glasses look studious and brainy too.

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Girls with Glasses Appear More Approachable and Friendly:

Women with Glasses for some reason look more approachable and humble. Well, who would want to get into a fight with glasses on their face? Not sure if this is the reason, but glasses give you the girl next door look. A girl with glasses looks like a girl, who’s not proud and would smile back at you. And as you know, kindness is pretty attractive and super hot too.

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Glasses balance out your facial feature to make you the hot woman with glasses:

Now, if you are aware of the science of beauty. You must know symmetrical faces look more beautiful and attractive. Reading glasses can be used to create the illusion of symmetry and thus making girls wearing glasses look hot.

So, this one here is maybe the real reason why wearing glasses makes a person look attractive. We can see many celebrities proudly wearing their reading glasses to the red carpet. Now, you know half their charisma comes from the glasses.

Hot girls with glasses give a vibe that they are confident with themselves:

Confidence is attractive. And embracing themselves as they are is screams confidence. Adding the two gets it right, hot girls with glasses looks attractive because they look confident with themselves, flaws and all.

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How to get that “hot women with glasses” look:

A perfect pair of reading glasses can enhance your beauty and accentuate your facial features to make you look more attractive. Here’s how you can look hot wearing glasses. make use of our tips and look your best with the perfect pair of glasses.

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1-Find the perfect frame for your face shape:

First and foremost the shape of the frame should complement the shape of your face. For instance, squarish glasses will look better on round faces while the cat-eye frame suits broader faces more.

2-Play up your best feature:

The eyes are the most important feature of your face. The right pair of glasses can play up the shape and color of your eyes. Also, you should style your hair accordingly.

3-Choose a color that compliments your skin tone:

Pick and choose the color of the frame by trying on different glasses. Choose the one that goes with your skin tone and eye color. Big nerdy glasses with thick frames are trending these days. You can surely get one in the right color to become the hot girl with glasses.

4-Pick a pair that matches your lifestyle and wardrobe:

Girls how wear glasses should not forget, you cannot have one pair of glasses for all your looks. Your glasses should match your overall look. Like if you are a teacher a sporty glasses might not look super hot, rather a nerdy pair will give compliment your appearance more. But you cannot wear that nerdy pair when you are out partying. Are you getting us?

5-Be yourself:

We cannot stress the importance of embracing yourself as you are. Glasses or not, a woman looks attractive and hot when she is comfortable in her skin. So what if you are myopic, glasses can not dim your light in fact, as we just summed it up they add to your light. Be the hot woman with glasses and flaunt your beauty.


So, are you getting yourself a pair or two to become hot women with glasses? And do you agree with the idea that women wearing glasses look hot? Comment and become a part of the discussion.


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