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Huawei Honor 8X Android never disappoint its users when it comes to best features and specifications with reasonable Honor 8X price. Honor mobile price is PKR 34,999/-. If we talk about Honor 8X Review it is considered as the latest mid-range segment of Huawei. They have featured a finished glass design, dual cameras, and a large 6.5-inch notch screen. It is offering the most exciting Apps with a flagship-grade design and display. The best part you will find in Huawei Honor 8x Specs is an undeniable battery endurance, great performance, and its classic camera. This latest mobile is a complete multimedia package with the best features. Let me tell you about three apps in Huawei Honor 8X that will blow your mind.


Honor8X: Official Introduction


Honor 8x Hidden Features

Honor 8x Specs , huawei honor 8x


The best feature of this Honor 8X Specs in this latest midrange segment is “SnapSeed”. This app will edit your pictures in the perfect possible ways. This Honor 8X app provides you with versatile effects, styles, modes, and color schemes to make your pictures astonishing. Snapseed is a handy app for beginners and professionals.

It is a complete and professional photo editor for all smartphone users. Snapseed tools will edit any kind of captured picture in almost every perspective. You can apply different filters to any picture and share the best one with the world. All you have to do is to install this amazing app in your Android and begin editing your amazing photos as you like. The honor 8X app is totally compatible with your device. Believe me, Snapseed is the best photo editor software with unique specifications for your Android.



resplash wallpaper , huawei honor 8x

Another best application that you will find in this Honor 8X Specs is “Resplash” which includes a collection of wallpapers to amaze its users.  You can make your Honor mobile display more charming.

This application surprisingly comprises of best wallpapers with a full view on Honor 8X. You can download almost 800,000 HD photos through this app along with Dark and black AMOLED themes. Resplash helps you to choose and set any wallpaper straight from the app. There are many layouts that allow users to change their wallpapers every day as they like.

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stellio music , honor 8x

This is the third Honor 8X app that is a user-friendly music player with the best specification and features. Stellio tools will help you enhance and customize your audio experiences.

This application comprises of 12 Band Equalizer and Active gain controller in the form of Echo Reverb with playback speed Auto Wah. These powerful audio engines, if set properly with your audio output device will definitely give you the best quality of music.

Stellio player has a number of themes that will give soul to the music you listen to. You can easily create new albums of your choice and extract the lyrics of those songs. The specification of this player enables you to listen to the high quality of the soundtrack.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Huawei 8x a Good phone?

Huawei 8x brings a Stunning look, excellent performance, and gives you full value for your money. Its multi-features camera, jaw-dropping specs, and metal-glass build makes this phone look expensive. In a nutshell, the benefits of Huawei 8x simply outweigh its cost. 

Is the Huawei 8x Waterproof?

Huawei 8X’s elegant and artistic design makes it prone to water particles. Therefore, it is highly recommended to keep your Huawei 8x away from water, or you might have to buy a new one if your phone goes swimming. 

Does Honor 8x Support Fast Charging?

Although Huawei honor 8x has so much to offer to its users, unlike many other Huawei cell phones, Honor 8x does not supports fast charging.

How long does the Honor 8x Battery Last?

Huawei Honor 8x has a heavy-duty battery (non-removable) of Li-Po 3750 mAh, and comparatively, it can last much longer as compared to the iPhone X. A moderate usage will give a screen time of up to 8 hours or more. 

How do you save Battery on Honor 8x

You can follow these steps:

  • Tap the “recent apps” icon
  • Tap the “delete” icon for closing the running apps
  • Swipe the “top menu” downwards
  • Switch off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
  • Switch off the location info
  • Keep the brightness to a required level.
  • Tap on “settings” icon
  • Tap on the “battery” option
  • Now in order to save power, click on Power saving mode or tap on ultra power-saving mode.

How do I Remove the Battery From Honor 8x

You can follow these steps to remove the battery.

  • Switch off your mobile
  • Remove the back cover. 
  • Disconnect the fingerprint sensor connector
  • Please Remove the thermal tape that covers the sensor.
  • Then Remove the screw sticker.
  • Remove the back frame.
  • Remove the battery with the help of a pointy tool.

How is the Camera of Honor 8x?

Huawei Honor 8x has a 16MP front camera and 20 MP back cameras. They can capture the images with high-quality color reproduction and natural smoothing in a good light. However, results are not that good in low light.

How much is Huawei Honor 8x?

Honor 8x is being sold at different prices in different countries and different platforms. In Pakistan, Huawei Honor 8X Price on retail is 34,999 PKR. 

Is Honor 8x worth Buying in 2020?

Huawei Honor 8x offers fantastic front (16MP) and back (20MP) cameras, long-lasting battery health, elegant design, and a very powerful Octa-core processor with many other incredible features and all that in just 34,999 PKR. Not many mobiles have these features at this price.

How do I check the Battery on my Honor 8x?

There are several options to check the battery health; for example, you can enable the battery icon on the mobile screen from the “settings” option, or you can dial this code ##2846579##. Then, press the “Battery Charge” option, and the screen will show the battery health and the battery temperature. 

I hope you like Huawei Honor 8X Review and Specs with these three smart specifications and features that enable you to use Androids in the best possible ways in terms of display, music, and editing. The Updated Honor 8X Price in Pakistan is Rs 34,999/- on retail, well the Honor 8X Price is more or less stable from the last few months, let’s see how the price fluctuate in coming months.

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