HongMeng OS, Huawei Name May Replaced With Harmony OS

For the last few months Huawei has been facing restrictions from the U.S as they had blacklisted this Chinese company due to a threat to their national security. Followed by the U.S orders, Google banned the license of this tech giant for Android which has now been renewed. In difficult times, Huawei announced to launch its own operating system OS HongMeng. Under European Union Intellectual Property Office, they have registered the name of this OS as Harmony.

Operating System of Huawei HongMeng OS moved to Harmony

An application was received by the agency on July 12, 2019 which is currently under examination. In the application that was received, names of certain operating systems were mentioned. These include:

  • Downloadable operating system programs
  • Recorded operating system programs
  • Mobile operating systems
  • Computer operating systems
  • Downloadable computer operating programs and computer operating systems

From the mobile operating system and computer operating system, it can be assessed that these are the operating systems which will be used in the smartphones and laptops of Huawei.

Huawei Company:

The Vice President, Huawei Technologies Public Affairs, Andrew Williamson said in an interview at the start of this year 2019, that they are going to launch a replacement of Android.

He also said that Huawei loved working with Android and being part of its family and this is not something they want.

They named their new launch and operating system “HongMeng”. Well, the letter received at agency hints that Huawei is looking forward to change the name of its OS in Europe.

At the start of this year, when the U.S President Donald Trump administration blacklisted Huawei and ceased trading with China, they announced to develop their own operating system OS. Moreover, Huawei also demonstrated the purpose of HongMeng that if they would not be allowed to work with Android then, they will release their OS and claimed it to be faster in comparison to Android.

According to the reports the giant Chinese tech company Huawei is in talks with Aptoide to replace the Google Play Store in their smartphones. Moreover, after Google, Microsoft also banned Huawei access to their Windows ecosystem.

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