Best Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country it is almost like Allah has gathered all kinds of beauty in a bouquet. Pakistan has some most beautiful best honeymoon resorts destinations 2020 in the world, from the world’s highest mountains, the fairy meadows. All newlyweds prefer to take some time out and spend it together to make memories. The idea of a honeymoon is a great time to bond, and what could be a better place than the heavenly northern areas of Pakistan. There are luxurious hotels in Shogran, Gilgit Baltistan, Sawat, and Almost everywhere. Very friendly and inviting locals and complete security to make the best of your honeymoon. Honeymoon destinations budget is as per your Travel Plan & Facilities you avail or as per package. Let’s explore cheap honeymoon ideas


Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in Pakistan


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Best Honeymoon Destinations 

Pakistan Northern Areas are literally like heaven on the earth. You can enjoy every season in its true colors. And most of these areas are accessible throughout the year. Here are our top picks.


The Majestic Gilgit Baltistan

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Gilgit Baltistan is a breathtakingly beautiful heaven on earth. At the altitude of 7,500 km, you will feel like at the top of the world quite literally. It has a lot to offer all around the year, but the preferred seasons are from springs to early autumns. You can take a direct flight from Islamabad to Skardu and skip the traveling time. A great idea is to plan your trip so you could enjoy one of the famous festivals of Gilgit Baltistan.


Hunza valley, the Best Honeymoon Destination 2020 in Pakistan

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Nestled between worlds’ tallest mountains Hunza holds the beauty of nature to the brims. The snow-covered mountains and cherry blossoms against the backdrop of clear blue skies are the famous attraction of The Hunza valley. The specialty of Hunza is the variety of food it offers. And splendidly colorful seasons. If you are lucky you might get a peek at the National animal of Pakistan, the Markhor.


Chitral valley

Honeymoon destinations in Pakistan

Another scenic location between the Hindu Kush mountains, the Chitral valley. Ideal honeymoon destination in Pakistan for couples who would love to have more private time enjoying the views and solitude. Beautiful waterfalls, scenic locations, and lakes that you can enjoy on a horseback. This is definitely the best place in Pakistan for a honeymoon. And we are sure if there was another fairy meadow in Pakistan, It must be Chitral.


The Heaven on Earth, Kashmir

Agar Firdaus bar roo-e Zameen Ast,

Hameen Ast-o Hameen Ast-o Hameen Ast.

If there is a paradise on earth,

It is this, it is this, it is this”


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And indeed it is the heaven on earth, the beauty of Neelum Valley is unexplainable in words. You can take a jeep, van, or a flight from Islamabad to reach Muzaffarabad, the valley’s capital.

Kashmir is very much developed and generally tourist-friendly, the best idea is to hire local jeep drivers for guided tours. You will get to enjoy, waterfalls, lakes and breathtaking views. And, you can settle anywhere you’d like to explore more. The hotels are as good as Shogran hotels and you can easily find one that matches your budget.

The place is so beautiful it looks like fantasy, and you will find yourself hoping to spot a fairy or two in the lush green meadow of Pakistan.


The Fairy Meadows of Naran


Naran has such an outlandish beauty that there are fairy meadows in Naran. You might think it is folklore unless you visit the place. The area is pretty developed and has plenty of hotels. You can make it your base camp and travel all around with local guides. Take a jeep to the Babusar top, or hike up to the Lulusar lake, enjoy the scenic beauty of Lalazar, lit a bonfire at Shogran, and you can also enjoy rafting experience in the magnificent Neelum river.

There are some 5-star luxury hotels in Shogran to amplify your experience. Honeymoon destinations budget is as per the Facility you avail. You can visit nearby places like Siri Paye and the national trout farm. Also, do listen to the folklore of the Prince Saif-ul-Malook who fell in love with the queen of fairies, on a moonlit night.


Asia’s Switzerland Swat, another Best Honeymoon Destination

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The Swat valley is surrounded by lush mountains, the fruit bucket full of scrumptious fruits and home to lovely people is another great honeymoon destination. Great honeymoon idea to enjoy Switzerland while staying in Pakistan. Not to mention the much smaller budget and the lovely hospitality that beautiful Sawat people have to offer. Sawat is among the best honeymoon places for Pakistani Couples.


The Good Old Murree

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Okay, like who hasn’t been to Murree, the oldest and most developed hill station and honeymoon destination of Pakistan. But don’t underestimate the beauty of Murree as yet, it has everything from scenic views to luxury hotels, walking tracks, and fun for adventure lovers too.

It is a great honeymoon idea if you prefer a happening and a busy hill station as a honeymoon destination in Pakistan. Just a few miles away from Murree there are other beautiful hill stations of Malam Jabba and Ayubia. You can hire a jeep and take in the grace of nature.

There’s world’s largest zipline in Malam Jabba and great chairlift experience can be enjoyed at Patriata.


In a Nutshell

So, this is our guide to the best honeymoon resorts & places in Pakistan that serves as honeymoon destinations 2019. Not only these places are naturally beautiful, but most luxuries of the world are also available. You can find hotels in Shogran, Naran, Hunza, Karimabad, Murree, Skardu, and nearly everywhere. We hope you will find our tips and the best honeymoon ideas in Pakistan informative. Do tell us in the comments where would you like to go with your loved one. Honeymoon Destinations budget is as per the Package you Avail from your traveling Agency. So hopefully you will find cheap honeymoon ideas from this article.

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