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Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Azam Swati just shared an interesting piece about the Pakistan’s Automotive Industry that is Honda Production in Pakistan is to start soon.

Auto manufacturers from Europe, some Chinese and other countries, which include auto manufacturers like Volkswagen, Proton, Photon, and Renault etc. are being awarded the status of Greenfield and Brownfield to revive the auto industry in Pakistan. This will the auto manufacturers to establish manufacturing facility plants in Pakistan.

Honda has agreed to join in the race, with the announcement that Honda Production in Pakistan is most likely to start soon.

Azam Swati said this during a question session in the senate. Swati enlightened the senate on the topic of the European and other auto manufacturers and said that the Honda will also start its local production soon. He shared it in his response while answering the question of Senator Talha Mahmood.


Azam Swati added that even upon the on-going financial crisis, the auto market in the Pakistan is blazingly booming, but there is a decrease in the sales of almost every auto manufacturers because of the continuous price increases.


The Minister also briefed that some of the manufacturers have already started assembling their vehicles in Pakistan. However, some of them are still follow and others are planning for the assembly of bigger vehicles.

Honda Production in Pakistan will most likely to start from the upcoming January of 2020. The main reason underlying for this could be giving the Honda an edge in the market and some competition against the manufacturers that are coming soon in Pakistan.

On the other hand, the Federal Government of Pakistan has increased the duty on imported luxury cars, of 1800cc from 20% (Imposed in January) to 25% as said in the supplementary budget released in March this year.
The duty on the imported vehicles, exceeding the engine capacity of 3000cc, has been increased to 30%.



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