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People use their busy schedules as an excuse for being out of shape. Hence it is recommended that a normal person must stay active for at least 30 minutes a day. But did you know that you can build the best home gym setups on a budget? You can easily build a home shed gym, or set up home gym essentials in a spare room. There must never be any excuses for staying healthy. You can set up the best compact home gym equipment all in one in your garage. Alternatively, the best equipment for a small home gym can be sidled up in your laundry room or your storeroom. All in one gym machine will cost you Approx $400 that will last life long. 

Best Home Gym Setups

Physical activity keeps you in shape and improves the quality of your life. Moreover, it reduces the risk of developing cancer, diabetes, and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Women in Pakistan aren’t usually encouraged to go to the gym. And this article will help such women build one for themselves at home. Men who work for more than 10 hours usually don’t get the time to hit the gym. Particularly, they can buy home gym equipment all in one and make a special workout area in their room. 

Benefits of a Home Shed Gym

  • You don’t have to forcefully take out time from your busy schedule. Whereas, you can workout at anytime you want to. No restrictions, no pressure as you have home shed gym 
  • Also, you can save the money you spend on gym memberships and rather invest in building a home gym on a budget.
  • Particularly, you get to design the area and choose to keep the equipment you enjoy to work with, in your home shed gym
  • Especially, you can motivate your family to join you at your home gym. This will encourage them to shift to a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Besides, you can buy the best equipment for your home shed gym at a second-hand retail store.


Home Gym Essentials

I will be listing equipment and their prices below. These gym items can be the basis of your gym. Subsequently, you can keep on adding up other tools according to your budget and need.



home gym on a budget

The cheapest kettle-bell of the lowest weight, that is 2 kg has a cheap cost starting from 1500 Rupees. You can order online or simply visit a fitness store nearby.

Usage: Kettlebells are beginner-friendly, cost-effective, and versatile. This is great for strength building and to amp up your endurance. In addition to overall strength training, kettlebells improve core power and increase flexibility. Kettlebell workouts are a simple way of losing fat while building sculpted muscles.
Basic Workouts: These kettlebell body workouts will give you a sense of body balance. In addition to that, these will work your entire body. Double Handed Swing, Sumo Deadlift With High Pull, Kettle Bell Squats, Kettle Bell Suitcase Lunges, Hand To Hand Swings, Figure-8s, and so on.


Jump Rope

This is the cheapest yet most useful in weight loss. You can buy a normal jump rope at the price of 200 Rupees. If you go for a high-quality jump rope the price may vary. But you can always have the cheap alternative for building a home gym on a budget. Jump Rope is one of the basic home gym essentials.

Usage: The best tool for aerobic as well as anaerobic workouts. The best for a warm-up and to add up to circuit training workout plans. It makes your heart stronger and keeps the heart rate high. The jump rope helps you improve conditioning and coordination.
Basic Workouts: Start with the basic rope jumping, afterward, you can move to the other variations. Other variations include double under, single-leg jump ropes, and the cross.


Resistance Bands

Again, one of the best home gym setups or compact home gym essentials. The price can vary from between 500 – 1000 Rupees and above. Particularly, it depends on where you choose to shop from.

Usage: In particular, used for strength building and to attain body balance and stability during exercise. You can grab one of your desired strength in pounds and sizes. Resistance bands are for resistance training. They form tension in your muscles, you’ll feel a certain pull in your target muscle groups.
Basic Workouts: Resistance band bicep curl, Resistance band chest fly, Resistance band glute kick-back, and Resistance bad lateral lunge are just a few exercises to name. You can use the resistance band to build and enhance stability in your body. Umpteen workouts involve usage of the bands.


Smith Cage Machine- All in one Gym Machine

home gym essentials

The smith cage machine is good for the weight training system or you can say its all in one gym machine. It comes with a fixed barbell. The smith machine is a bit of heavy investment. In addition to that, this machine requires professional help or prior experience. If you plan on purchasing a brand new smith cage from a sports store, it might cost you 208,000 Rupees. On the other hand, if you take up my advice and buy a second-hand smith machine. However, to no one’s surprise, it will cost near to 75,000 Rupees. You save a heck a lot of money and stay in the limit of your budget.

Usage: Commonly for performing weight training exercises. Especially, best known for preventing your muscles from dealing damage. A better workout in contrast to free weights. Your glutes, hamstrings, chest, and shoulder muscles are engaged.
Basic Workouts: Smith machine squat, Smith machine row, Smith machine bench press, and Smith machine split squat. These are a few of the basic workouts you can do with it.


 Medicine Ball

You can find various sizes and shapes of the medicine balls. It is available in different weights. Hence, a normal medicine ball could cost you 2000 Rupees and above. The prices can vary according to the quality and weight of the medicine ball.

Usage: A great tool for enhancing core strength and sculpting abdominal muscles. It helps maintain a healthy posture by proper body alignment. Moreover, they’re used in strength training to build muscle mass. Added weight stretches muscles and increases flexibility
Basic Workouts: Squat press with the medicine ball, make sure your squat down low. The weights can be adjustable according to your strength. Try rotating lunge, press-ups with a medicine ball. Besides, you can try rotational core tosses, medicine ball slam, and wall ball shots.


Foam Rollers

home gym equipment

Foam rollers are easily available in the price range that starts from 3000 Rupees and onward. It always depends on the quality and what store you buy it from.

Usage: Foam rollers are used for smoothing out your tissues and muscles. Muscles might bind with each other due to the lack of mobility. Moreover, injuries and movement repetitions can imply the same effect on muscles. The feeling of pulled muscles can cause fatigue and pain in the body. What the foam does is, it helps you recover from that muscular trauma. Pulled muscles can make working out harder for you. It’s a great tool for massaging your body and relieving stress in your muscles. You can use this for massaging your muscles before or after a workout. It’s like a sweet little, stress-relieving, self-care tool in your gym.


Motorized Treadmill

best home gym equipment

Undoubtedly, the most crucial part of your gym room has to be the treadmill. I personally lost a lot of weight by just running and sprinting on the treadmill. Especially, if you live a sedentary life and you’re looking to lose weight, this is your friend. You can buy a motorized treadmill for around 50,000 Rupees. However, the cost can be even less if you grab a used one. A best home gym setups or a compact home gym on a budget in the shape of a Treadmill.

Usage: Beginner friendly and helpful in building stamina, gradually. Great way to lose weight and keep your heart pumping. Cardio workouts prevent cardiac diseases. Do regular runs on the treadmill, and short sprint repetitions (under supervision if you’re not used to it).


Stationary Bicycle

home gym machine

Meanwhile, the treadmill will help you run and lose fat on your body. A stationary bicycle is good for your leg muscles. You can get a basic stationary bicycle for around 10,000 Rupees or more. It’s one of the essential investment for best compact home gym

Usage: Just another leg toning tool for people who struggle with excess leg fat. Women tend to accumulate more fat around the hip and thigh area. Moreover, your arms, abdominal muscles, and your back also feel a resistance. After a treadmill workout, you can use a stationary bicycle. The best to gain muscle and strength in your legs. Your overall body will be more toned, including thighs, buttocks, and abs.


Here was your guide to building the best home gym setups or compact home gym on a budget. A home gym is easier to build and can be much more fun as a workout environment. You can adjust a flexible schedule. In addition to that, you would never have an excuse to skip. Also, make sure you seek professional guidance for using the tools you have no prior experience with.

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