The high commission of Bangladesh in Pakistan has announced that they have stopped issuing visas to the Pakistani nationals for a week due to a row. The diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Bangladesh have been suffering since 2013, when Dhaka wanted to hang the war criminals of 1971.

Iqbal Hossain, counsellor (press) at the Bangladesh High Commission said that visas will not be issued to the Pakistani nationals because the visa counter of Bangladesh in Islamabad has been closed since Monday (May 13, 2019).

According to the Bangladesh foreign ministry official, this action can be considered as a protest against the Pakistani gesture.

No official notification has been made regarding the halt of the visas to Pakistani nationals yet. The foreign office in Dhaka may make any kind of formal confirmation about this news soon.

High Commission Bangladesh and Pakistan History of Conflicts

This announcement is the result of old grudges between both countries. Since, last year Dhaka has refused to issue visas to the newly appointed high commissioner of Pakistan to Bangladesh. Whereas, Dhaka has blamed the Pakistani high commissioner for financing terrorist activities in the South Asian country.

For the past four years, the ties between the two countries have gone weak. There has been no dialogue happened among them at a foreign secretary level.

In March 2018, when Saqlain Syedah was appointed as the high commissioner of Pakistan, Bangladesh denied to accept her documents for nominations. After six months, they verbally communication to Pakistani officials that they cannot accept Syedah’s nomination and asked for any other alternative nominations. However, Pakistan has not yet decided about any alternative nominations.

Recently, it has been announced by the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Shah Mehmood Qureshi, that Syedah will be appointed as the high commissioner to Kenya.

According to the reports, foreign ministry has proposed to Prime Minister Imran Khan that they should downgrade their mission in Bangladesh as the mission of Pakistan in Dhaka is under the command of a consular level officer.

Recently in the national and provincial assemblies in Pakistan, many resolutions have been passed against the trial of 1971 collaborators of Pakistani troops in Bangladesh.

After trial of 5 top collaborators of Pakistan Army and 4 leaders of Jamaat-e-Islami in their International Crimes Tribunal, who stood against the Independence of Bangladesh in 1971, they have been executed.

Hence, the diplomatic negotiation between the two countries is on hold for now.

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