Here are Several Convenient Ways to Find Someone’s Location

Finding Someone’s Location

In today’s world, the need to find someone’s location may come about for a variety of reasons. You may want to check on your children, keeping track of your employees, a spouse, or a few other reasons. A prime method of pulling this off is via the use of a phone number locator.

GPS and IMEI call trackers to facilitate this process, providing reliable, real-time details of the user’s location. These services function just as well whether or not the person in question is connected to the internet. While there are many names in the market, some boast a better track record than others and have over time proven very reliable.


Finding Someone’s Location with Tracking Apps

Below are several apps that prove priceless when trying to check someone’s location using their phone number or iCloud account information.




This application remains one of the best platforms to check someone’s location. Due to its impressive track record, spyic is one of the most popular mobile spying apps worldwide.

This popular software is a firm favorite for many, with a vast catalog of users in over 190 countries.  For more information about Spyic, follow this link.

How to check someone’s location with Spyic

To keep tabs on someone’s location with Spyic, you will need brief access to their phone if it runs on Android or iCloud credentials for iPhones.

Spyic employs cutting-edge technology to ensure discretion, meaning that your target remains oblivious of your surveillance all through. 

Step 1: Create a Spyic account using your email address. This simple process takes less than a minute.

You will be prompted to choose either Basic, Family, or Premium package. You can conveniently make the payment with either a credit card or via PayPal. 

Step 2: For Android devices, you will need brief access to the phone so that you can install the tiny app that runs undetected in the background. For iOS devices, you need the iCloud account details for verification.

Finding Someone’s Location

Step 3: Login and track the target phone via any browser, keeping an eye on live location, calls, texts, social media app activity, browser history, and so much more. You can uninstall the app on an Android phone from your Spyic dashboard with the simple click of a button.




Need to keep an eye on your little ones? Concerned about employees slacking off and not paying keen attention to the tasks at hand? Spyzie has your back. With a sleek dashboard and an efficient software platform free of bugs and glitches, this is an inspired choice.

Step 1: Begin with creating an account, predictably using your email address.

Step 2: Select your preferred plan, depending on the number of devices under surveillance and the desired length of your subscription.


Step 3: For Android, install the tiny, discreet 2MB app on the target phone. For iOS devices, you will need the iCloud account information for verification.

Step 4: Login via a remote device and begin your inconspicuous watch, keeping an eye on inbound and outbound communication via calls, texts, and social apps.

Finding Someone’s Location

This fantastic app significantly eases your efforts of tracking your kids’ movements and online activity and is a handy tool for keeping an eye on employees.




For many people, picking an app based on features is often a tricky proposition. Thankfully, mobile spying apps offer straightforward solutions with well-defined functionalities. In Cocospy, you have software that discreetly sends you live location details and allows you to keep tabs on your kids’ calls, texts, and online and social media activity among many more features.

Once you have signed up for a free account, you can select any of three plans–Premium, Basic, and Family – each with three different options depending on preferred subscription durations. This app works perfectly on both Android and iOS devices.




Another firm favorite of many users worldwide is FoneMonitor. Most people want to check on the target’s location and possibly keep an eye on calls and messages, and perhaps social media activity. This platform works like a charm and readily facilitates the process. Better still, the app is easy to set up and offers flexible pricing options.

For $39.99 a month, you can access all premium features on FoneMonitor. This special app even lets you check on someone’s emails, documents, capture screenshots, and basically monitor all inbound or outbound communication.

Predictably, an installation is necessary for Android devices, while iCloud account details suffice for Apple devices.




Keeping an eye on your kids with Neatspy is incredibly easy. While there are many apps out there, this software makes it possible to access all the desired features on offer with a flexible pricing model. From as little as $9.99, you can get the Premium package for one device. Apart from the Premium package, you can pick either the Basic or Family package, with each containing three different options.

One of the best selling points for the app is that there’s a 96% customer satisfaction rate, and even better, 60-day money-back guarantee. 

The software isn’t just a pocket-friendly investment, but it also runs smoothly without unwanted bugs. With Neatspy, you can view your kid’s call logs, text messages, social media activity, browser history, and so on. It’s worth every penny.  


Final Take

There is a noticeable pattern in the way mobile spying apps are set up. Most require a small installation for Android devices and iCloud account information for Apple devices. However, closer inspection helps you spot an app that’s not only effective but adequately caters to your unique needs.

Price is a huge selling point too. Most people prefer a flexible pricing model, with easy online payments for subscriptions. Thankfully, all these platforms support online payments and offer excellent service pertaining to Finding Someone’s Location.    



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