Helpful Bacteria Clostridia Probiotic To Prevent Obesity

The researchers at the University of Utah Health have found a particular class of helpful bacteria that prevents obesity. The class of helpful bacteria is called Clostridia Bacteria Probiotic. It is present in the gut of mice. The discovery of such bacteria, puts the foundation stone in the cure and prevention of obesity. Researchers are saying that these bacteria can do the same for humans.

This research was published in an online science journal on the 25th of July.  June Round P.H.D,  W.Zach Stephens P.H.D, Charisse Peterson P.H.D, and a graduate student did the research at the University of Utah Health.

June Round said that the bacteria is responsible for the slimming effect. During the research, it was found that Clastridia, which is a class of 20 to 30 bacteria, works with the immune system and prevents the guts from absorbing the fat. These microbes become less in ageing mice. But when the bacteria were introduced into the ageing mice, it helped controlling weight.

Mice in the lab were treated with only Clostridia Bacteria Probiotic in their gut. The results showed that Clostridia Bacteria Probiotic block the ability to absorb fat by producing a chemical. The researchers are trying to know the nature of the compound created. The chief researcher said that microbes had evolved their ability to live with the animals.

The discovery of this magnitude will help to create a permanent solution for obesity. These bacteria have not been tested on humans yet, but the next experiments will involve humans.

If scientists were able to produce Clostridia Bacteria Probiotic for humans, then humanity will progress toward healthier and less obesity.

Obesity is now a big problem in developed countries due to the evolved diet, which includes processing fats and processed protein. The target of the research is to find a way to block humans from absorbing fats in their gut. If it was made possible, then a person can eat whatever he wants and never get overweight.

Clostridia will be the bacteria that will put medical technology in a new way of research. Moreover, this discovery means a lot to all overweight people.


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