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Height Increase Surgery

Various studies have shown that taller men and women are deemed as more attractive and desirable in contrast with people who are shorter. However, there is an increasing demand for being able to gain height. Gavriil Ilizarov, an orthopedic surgeon from Russia invented the external fixator, a device used for limb lengthening surgery. In other words, this is a height increase surgery. This article will give you a brief idea of the height increase surgery in Pakistan, height surgery cost, height increasing surgery before and after. In addition to that, some pros and cons of the increase your height surgery will be enlisted. 

height increase surgery in Pakistan, height increase surgery, increase your height surgery, height surgery cost, height surgery before and after

Height Increase Surgery Before And After:

The increase your height surgery is mainly common in countries like China and Korea. This leg-lengthening surgery is most popular in countries where the average height falls between 5 inches. Height dysphoria is common anxiety disorder among men and women who are ridiculed or rejected on the basis of their stature. Even the average 5”9 American wishes to hit the 6-inch mark. Hence, short people are often obsessively conscious about their body.  

People who have undergone height increase surgery claim to have grown a few inches. The Paley Orthopedic & Spine institute has many patient testimonials. Consequently, many patients have grown up to 5 inches taller. The medical breakthrough, modern technology and umpteen research on the human body has, as a result, helped develop modern day solutions for everything. 

Although the external fixator, in the past, was mainly used for physical therapy to fix broken bone. It helps stabilize a fractured leg bone. The metal pins of the fixator are drilled into the leg bone. In short, it has been designed like a metal cage holding the leg in it’s proper position and place.

Story Behind The Leg Lengthening Surgery:

Gavriil Ilizarov, an orthopedic surgeon from Russia was treating the fractured leg of a soldier of World War II. Ilizarov instructed the soldier to turn the screw on the fixator, because that would help compress the broken bone and allow it to heal. However, the soldier turned the screw in the wrong direction. As a result, the bone further separated and the gap in the fractured bone increased. Subsequently, weeks later the soldier noticed that the gap among the bones had started to fill with the growth of a new bone. This event gave the idea of how the external fixator had one more benefit besides fracture healing. It could be used to increase height and lengthen the limbs.


The First Successful Trio Of Surgeries:

Gillian Muller was the first one who had three successful surgeries, in spite of how painful it was. Her initial height was 3 feet and 11 inches. As a result of the surgeries she became 5 feet tall. Gillian said that, the pain was excruciating but it was worth it.

Height Increase Surgery In Pakistan:

Many medical centers in Pakistan offer this cosmetic surgery. For instance, Pakistan Orthopedic & Cosmetology Center. This center has a state of the art operation theater and the best emergency services. A team of highly qualified doctors and surgeons is available. The head of the team is Dr. Khaqan Jahangir. On the whole, Dr. Khaqan Jahangir is a Peter London Gold Medal Winner. He is a top class, recognized orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Khaqan has his own clinic in Rawalpindi. Moreover, he is the pioneer of this surgery in Pakistan. Janjua has an experience using this methodology to rehabilitate patients with disabilities from poliomyelitis or trauma.

Hills Clinic offers the limb lengthening surgery services in Pakistan and for patients from other countries. Hence, the procedure is safe and effective. There is no other way to increase height in adults rather than limb surgery.

Height Surgery Cost:

The height surgery cost in Pakistan can range from $5500 to $10000. A series of surgeries are performed until the desirable result is obtained. You can check out the Hills Clinic website or contact Pakistan Orthopedic & Cosmetology Center for further details on the procedure and expenses.

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