heavy rain, 26 killed

26 killed as Heavy rain with dusty and gusty winds lashed out in the whole country. For two consecutive days, Monday and Tuesday, heavy rainfall is on throughout the whole country, dismantling the daily lives of ordinary people and up till now, 40 plus people are injured.

Heavy rainfall in different areas of Lahore has insinuated different roads and stress, and ordinary citizens has faced tremendous difficulties in their daily lives.

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According to LESCO, Lahore Electric Supply Company, in just two-day’ time, more than 200 power feeders tripped almost plunging the whole city into darkness.

Throughout the whole country, this massive rainfall has caused a certain drop in temperature of the whole areas.


The passed Tuesday night, it rained heavily in Abbotabad, Ayubia, Nathia Gali, Doonga Gali, and the Pakistan Meteorological Department forecasted that this rainfall might long for more than upcoming 36-48 hours. A severe weather has entered into the premises of Pakistan and might prolong.

In most of the areas, the temperature dropped where lowest was recorded in Murree i.e. 3 degree centigrade.

It also rained in Attock, which caused the farmers to excessively worry as the wheat harvest season is about to start and these heavy rainfall might damage their crops.

Water levels among various canals including Indus and Ravi has also risen.

Flooding was reported in the areas of Rajanpur which were Lal Garh, Jhok Makol, Meeranpur and Chatol. People were evacuated from these areas as fast as possible using boats and to save and relief camps were set up. The Deputy Commissioner said the authorities to drain the villages.

Balochistan was victimized the most, where in the last four days, more than 29 people were killed in several areas because of land sliding.

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