heat wave, health threat

According to the medical experts, it is revealed that the current heat wave may bring a threat of heat stroke and heat exhaustion if gone untreated. We are well aware of the fact that the temperature of the twin cities in Pakistan including Karachi and Lahore and other cities has been going up and even consecutively above 30 centigrade.

In the previous week, heavy rains have been recorded, but the high humidity and intense heat are still there. So experts have said to remain cautious. This heatwave is dangerous for the heart patients. It is better to stay inside to avoid the exposure of heat. It is also recommended to stay hydrated.

Heat Wave is posing a Health Threat in Pakistan

The heat wave has already posed a health threat and hospitals of Islamabad and Rawalpindi have been receiving patients suffering from heat disorders.

It is reported that the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) has received around 300 patients who had heat exhaustion and heat stroke issues.

Dr. Muhammad Mujeeb Khan from Head of Department of Infectious Diseases at HFH elaborated the fact that it is necessary to bring awareness in public to save them from heat stroke. Media can play an important in order to spread awareness regarding the current heat wave.

Moreover, he also said that it is better to that precautionary measures by a taking sufficient amount of water and avoiding the sun exposure.

Heatstroke occurred when you are exposed to sun for a brief span of time. However, heat exhaustion hits you after continuous exposure to heat and sunlight.

Dr. Mujeeb also explained that people should have to take care of their routine in this intense heat wave to avoid health threats. It is better not to ignore the unusual fatigue and exhaustion. Precautionary measures need to be adopted to prevent yourself from heat wave which may cause heat stroke.

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