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If you came here because you were trying to find a solution to your picky eater kid, Welcome to the club. Believe me, you are not alone. Making your picky eater have a balanced and healthy diet and eat healthy food is just a little harder than swimming through the Atlantic. That is why we have compiled some amazing yummy and healthy meal recipes for picky eaters.

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Healthy meals for Picky Eaters

It is important to find out the cause of your child’s food aversion. Is it the presentation of food that’s making him a picky eater? Or is he into junk foods? Is the mealtime a power struggle and you force-feed your kid? And please get them checked. There could be medical reasons for Picky eating. Your kid might be suffering from acid reflux or maybe they have worms in the stomach.

So if your issue is not medical we might have the solution for you. Most kids love pretty looking food. Taste does matter a lot, but if the food is not looking tempting enough. Your picky eater will not be tempted to eat. So, If you could just present the food in a nice way this may just solve your problem.picky eating, eating habits,

Healthy food recipes for picky Eaters:

It is a common misconception that to be healthy you need to leave your favorite foods. Instead, it’s more about using healthier ingredients or removing some harmful ones. Just like our homemade chicken burritos, oven-roasted fries, and oat bars

1. Baked potato fries:

Now, who doesn’t like fries, in fact, they are the most famous food in the whole world? But the moment you deep fry those potatoes, they lose all the healthy ingredients. So, to preserve the goodness and the taste. Let’s try this easy and amazing recipe to make fries a healthy food for your picky eater.


Large potatoes cut into slices 2 or 3

Corn starch    1/2 cup

Water a little

Pinch of salt

Oil 3 tbsp


Cut your potatoes lengthwise in half, cut the halves again in halves, repeat once more.

Add a pinch of salt to the cornstarch and mix well, add water bit by bit and mix thoroughly. Pop the mixture in the microwave for 10 seconds. Grease the baking tray nicely, and place the coated potatoes slices on the tray. Put some oil on top of the fries and bake in a preheated oven for 40 minutes, at 150’C.

Make it a healthy meal for your picky eater by serving it with mayonnaise and cheese.

2. Oat cookies:

Okay. These are like my personal favorites. Honestly, I too am in the category of the picky eaters and I don’t really like eating much. So, if it’s coming from me, it’s tried and tested. There’s no hard and fast rule or ingredients to make these oat cookies. You can add or subtract ingredients as per your liking.


Old fashioned oats 2 cups

Whole flour   1 cup

Raisins, almonds, coconut, chocolate chips, walnuts and pumpkin seeds  1 and 1/2cup

Butter  anywhere between 1/2 to 1/3rd of a cup

Honey   1/3rd of a cup

Brown sugar 1/3rd of a cup

Salt a pinch

Baking 1/2 teaspoon


Mix the wet ingredients together, add in the dry ingredients. Mix them all nicely and lay put it in a greased baking tray. Press it firmly and with the flat of your hand. And bake in a preheated oven on 150 for 30 minutes.

Take the tray out and cut up your cookies with a knife. Let it cool and dish out.

Your kids and you will love it, It makes a healthy breakfast and a between-meals snack.

3. A chocolate Shake:

A chocolate shake is tempting enough for anyone, Adding our banana Chocolate shake to your picky eater’s diet will provide him some much-needed nutrition without you having to run after them.


Cocoa powder 2 tbsp

Brown sugar/ honey as per taste

Banana 1

Peanut butter 1 tbsp

Milk (almond, soy or cow’s milk) 1 glass

Ice Cubes if you like it cold.


Put everything in a blender and mix well. Serve with a dash of chocolate sauce on it to make it look more attractive and yummy. This shake is not only easy to make it is delicious and full of nutrition. What’s best is this shake has the come hither look recipe for your picky eater.

I would like to add a little tip at the end. Making your kids eat greens is the toughest of all, So, go easy do not force your kids to try a food. Instead, make the food look very appealing. Take a cue from our featured image, a plate full of peas can look so appealing to a kid only if you play a little with the presentation.

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8 Tips for Parents of Picky Eaters:-

1. Family model

Share a meal together as a family as usual as you can. This implies no media distractions like TV or cell phones at mealtime

2. Meals fights

In case your toddler refuses a meal, keep away from fussing over it. It’s good for kids to be taught to eat when they feel hungry. In the event that they ate a big breakfast or lunch, for instance, they might not be keen on consuming a lot for the rest of the day.

3. Break from bribes

Tempting as it could be, attempt to not bribe your kids with treats for consuming different meals. This could make the “prize” meals much more thrilling, and the meals you need them to strive a disagreeable chore. It can also result in nightly battles on the dinner desk.

4. Try Again

Simply because a toddler refuses a meal once, do not quit. Try to give new foods and specially that food which he didn’t like before, because it take as many as 10 or extra times for food to adjust to your toddlers taste buds

5. Offer Different Variety

Provide a wide range of wholesome foods, particularly greens and fruits, and include greater protein meals like meat and deboned fish at the very least 2 occasions per week. Assist your little one discover new flavours and textures in meals. Try including totally different herbs and spices to simple meals to make them tastier. To reduce waste, supply new meals in small quantities and wait a minimum of a week or two earlier than reintroducing the same meals.

6. Make meals enjoyable

Toddlers are particularly open to trying meals arranged in eye-catching, artistic methods. Make foods look irresistible by arranging them in enjoyable, colourful shapes kids can recognize. Children this age additionally are likely to take pleasure in any meals involving a dip. Finger meals are also normally successful with toddlers.

7. Involve children in meal planning

Put your toddler’s rising curiosity in good use. Let your little one decide which fruit and vegetable to make for dinner or during visits to the grocery retailer or a farmer’s market. Learn kid-friendly cookbooks together and let your little one select new recipe to try.

8. Tiny cooks

Some cooking duties are good for toddlers (with numerous supervision, after all): sifting, counting ingredients, selecting fresh herbs from a backyard or windowsill, and “painting” on cooking oil with a pastry brush, to call a few.

How do picky Eaters Eat Healthy?

Serve meals and snacks at roughly the exact times daily. In the event that a kid selects not to consume a meal, then a normal snack period will give your child a chance to eat nutritionally beneficial food. You may supply milk or 100 percent juice together with the meals, but provide water between meals and snacks.

What do you Feed Fussy Eaters?

Kids have to be given a brand new food as many times as 10-15 times before they will develop a taste or will eat it. Use healthful drops like yogurt, hummus, ketchup, or low-fat salad snacks to promote kids to eat fruits, veggies, and meat

How do Picky Eaters Get Protein?

Eggs are a great protein sources and one of the healthy meals for picky eaters. We can create a”Protein-wich” out of eggs between 2 mini whole grain waffles. Or turn boiled egg to egg salad (use low carb yogurt to get a much larger protein punch); and serve with whole wheat bread. This is the Best diets for picky eaters in order to get protein.

What Causes Picky Eating?

Causes of All picky eating Comprise Premature feeding difficulties, late Debut of lumpy foods in weaning, Anxiety to eat and choosiness, especially when Mom is Stressed with this; protective factors include the Supply of fresh Foods and having the Same meal as a child

These are just some of our tried and tested food recipes & Tips for Parents of picky eaters that worked for us. Do let us know if they work for you. And do share in the comment your go-to recipes, to make your picky eaters diet as nutritious as possible.

Hope you like our Article pertaining to healthy food Diet for picky eaters , Please share your comments below.


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