Healthy Eating on a Budget That Can Change Your Lifestyle

If you eat healthy food in a required proportion at the right time and stick to your routine, healthy eating habits & lifestyle will eventually develop. Healthy Eating on a Budget plan can change your lifestyle. If you stick to the healthy eating pyramid and a healthy, balanced diet, you will stay fit.

Although the human body is adaptable to any kind of routine regarding taking meals. However, taking meals in time or not, have a drastic impact on your health. It means that a timely, balanced diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle.

balanced diet

Researches show that taking breakfast in time, like within two hours of waking up will definitely benefit you. So, healthy eating on a Budget and remain Fit. Consuming three meals a day in time and within specific quality as per your body mass is a key to a healthy lifestyle.

Skipping breakfast is another factor that will eventually increase your weight rather than decreasing it. The reason behind this misconception of losing weight is people think that they can work without taking the first meal “breakfast”. Although you can perform your activities, it never makes you healthy as your body has been working the whole time in starvation mode.

There is a  proverb to eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and have a dinner of the pauper.

Healthy Eating on a Budget and don’t Skip Meals

The general perception of skipping meals in order to stop your extra calorie consumption will eventually minimize your daily appetite and promote weight loss. But in reality, cutting down your daily meals for a longer period of time may ultimately make you hungry at times. Therefore, this un-organized schedule of meals may eventually over-indulge you in the next meal. This is a real cause of moving you away from eating healthy towards obesity nowadays.

Hence, timely and regular eating habits make you active, energetic, focused, and physically strong. Apart from a timely meal intake, the quality of food does matter. Healthier your diet is, the more you can maintain your Body Mass Index (BMI). Another aspect that we should take into account is time-restricted eating.

Human behavior is quite predictable due to being adaptable to any kind of routine. This factor plays an important role in adapting a healthy lifestyle. So, to develop a healthy lifestyle all you have to do is eat healthy food.

Healthy Eating on a Budget that can Change your Lifestyle:

We all know that healthy eating can lead us to a healthy lifestyle. Our health depends upon our food intake in the correct proportion. Whatsoever, is part of our meal regularly reflects in our lifestyle and our health condition.

We have to take macro and micronutrients in the right proportion to stay healthy. Usually, we take more proportion of one thing which we like and ignore certain other meals. Similarly, poor eating habits and lack of physical activity destroys a healthy lifestyle goal.

Let me tell you what are these macronutrients and micronutrients essential for our health. A healthy, balanced diet includes Protein, Carbohydrates, and Water as a macronutrient. On the other hand, micro-nutrients are Minerals, Vitamins, and other elements.

Apart from these major nutrients, Fats are higher in calories in comparison to Protein and Carbohydrates. A healthy eating plan is the only way to a healthy lifestyle. However, it is hard to keep track of the nutrients present in our food.

Healthy Eating Pyramid:

healthy eating pyramid

Therefore, a nutritionist has created a healthy eating pyramid to help you deal with the nutrient dilemma. In this healthy eating pyramid, healthy foods are listed along with the number of servings. With the help of a healthy eating pyramid, you can incorporate a healthy balanced diet into your daily routine.

Calorie count:

Keep a check on your calories and avoid excess calorie intake otherwise, you may gain weight. If in case you missed a healthy eating plan, daily exercise can be only a savior for your bad eating habits.

Percentage of Calories which are signs of healthy meals:

On average you need 50 to 60 percent of Carbohydrates and 10 to 15 percent Protein. Whereas, your intake of healthy fats must be less than 13%.

Water, a macronutrient is required for excreting toxic material out of the body. Your body temperature stays under control with the help of this nutrient.

Healthy Fats:

An appropriate quantity of fat is the major part of a healthy eating plan. You cannot just remove Fats from your healthy, balanced diet. It not only absorbs certain Vitamins but most importantly protects your organs from external shocks.

Therefore, the right mix of fatty food is essential for your body growth and maintenance.

Eat Healthy Carbs:

healthy eating plan

Your body is just like any other machine in the world. In order to make it properly functional, you have to eat healthier in the correct proportion.

Incorporating the right carbohydrates in your diet will provide you with an immense source of energy. Do not forget the healthy eating pyramid proportion for that particular food.

Moreover, you can fulfill your sugar requirement of fruits and vegetables instead. Fruits and vegetables get digested and release sugar in the bloodstream to level the blood glucose level.


For a healthy, balanced diet, the correct proportion of protein plays an important role in your growth. After carbs and fats, protein plays a vital role in building your bones, muscles, blood, and organs.

Clearly, it means that these nutrients are essential for your body but in a moderate quantity. You can fulfill your protein intake from grains, meat, vegetables, and dairy products.

Fruits and Vegetables:

balanced diet , healthy eating on a Budgetbalanced diet

We have a colorful variety of fruits and vegetables, which are the largest source of minerals, vitamins, fibers, and other nutrients. Fruits and vegetables comprise of natural sugar and they are low in fats and calories as well.

Hence, you should add color to your plater and life with plenty of fruits and vegetables. Moreover, following such kind of healthy eating on a Budget plan feels good to have the right amount of food in your stomach.

Remember that a healthy, balanced diet will definitely impact your immune system and overall health in a positive way. All you have to follow the right healthy eating plan and here you go with a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Lifestyle:

  • Firstly, you have to avoid overeating and eat until you are full and not bloating.
  • Secondly, cut back some calories from your diet for good.
  • Try to use vegetable oil instead of ghee or other cooking oil.
  • Less sugar in your food items is a part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • Similarly, use less salt in your food. Decreasing salt consumption is necessary to avoid high blood pressure and other complications.
  • Add more fibers in your diet like cereals, grains, fruits, and vegetables as a healthy eating plan.
  • Start drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day and remain hydrated.
  • For calcium intake, add milk, cheese, yogurt, and other low-fat dairy products in your diet.
  • Exercise makes us healthy and it is a basic requirement of healthy digestion of food. Walk or exercise for 30 minutes, seven days a week will definitely keep you healthy and active.

One cannot simply adopt a healthy lifestyle and a healthy, balanced diet overnight. A healthy eating plan needs a lot of effort, determination, and patience. If you are willing for the change in your lifestyle, just start with small things like walk or exercise for 10 minutes.

Remember, nothing is impossible with a positive thought on your mind to adopt the change as a way forward to a healthy lifestyle.

You cannot cut excessive fats, sugar, and salt at once. However, you can keep a check on these things and try to keep their intake moderate.

Source: Mayo Clinic

How to Make a Healthy Eating plan and stick to it?

  • Devise a healthy eating plan as per the food pyramid.
  • Stick to the plan.
  • Do not skip meals and take meals, timely in a moderate proportion.
  • Review your healthy lifestyle plan after three weeks and keep a check on your eating habits.
  • With the proper planning, you will see a change in your diet plan and health as well

Therefore, with just a little effort, you can adopt healthy eating habits. Additionally, it will help you eat healthier food. A healthy diet reflects on your overall health and you may reach to an ideal weight and body shape.

Hence, you can easily change your lifestyle by improving healthy eating habits. And this is the only way to reach your healthy lifestyle objective and happy life.

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