Health Warning Signs You Mustn’t Avoid

It’s a busy world, and we might be too engaged in other activities to even bother about ourselves. We tend to neglect yourself and ignore Health warning Signs of sickness and being unhealthy. It Could be mental health warning signs or symptoms of serious illness .You must seek immediate medical help in case of the presence of the signs below.


Sleep Disorder:

We spend endless hours on social media, too engrossed to even bother checking on time. Our sleep routines have been sabotaged by the new trend of deep 3am conversations and scrolling through memes. Sleep is crucial for the body to recover itself. If you’re not getting enough timely sleep, be worried. Maybe use medical help or a sleep tracker to avoid unhealthy sleep schedules.

Skin problems:

Some internal bodily issues will display their presence in the form of skin issues. It could be acne, bruises, darkening, creasing of the skin, appearance of bumps or fungi. Whatever minor unusual appearance you notice on your skin, make sure to contact your dermatologist immediately. Stay hydrated and take your vitamins. 

Swollen Legs:

We remain seated in the same position for hours, this could affect our blood circulation. If you notice swelling in your legs, get immediate medical help. This is a symptom of fluid retention in the tissues of your legs known as peripheral edema.                   

Bad Breath: 

Always check your breath, bad breath despite using mouthwash everyday could indicate unhealthy issues. Not only can this be due to a gum disease, but is also a warning sign of sickness in your stomach.                     

Blurred vision:

Blurred vision is could be a symptom of diabetes, migraine or other conditions. Low blood sugar, high blood pressure, head injury and the presence of tumor in your brain can also affect your vision. So if you notice any change in your sight, seek medical help.                 

Changed colour of Urine:

It’s important to notice the colour of your urine because it can tell if you are unhealthy. Dehydration, issues in kidneys or other organs can also be detected. Moreover, vitamin consumption can also alter the colour of your urine and stool.                                            

Yellow eyes: 

If you notice that the whites of your eyes or your skin is becoming dull and yellowish, don’t ignore it. It could be a clear warning sign of sickness, Jaundice. Most importantly, get a blood test to check the amount of bilirubin in your blood.                            

Swollen neck:

You might be ignoring the fact that your neck seems to have a big bump forming on it. This could be due to thyroid issues or cervical. Change your unhealthy habits, seek medical help and get your treatment.                         

Tired and Hungry 24/7:

Never being able to feel satisfied with the amount of food consumed or the amount of sleep and always feeling dizzy or lethargic? This, however, is a warning sign of sickness such as diabetes, thyroid and many other health problems.                                               

Never ignore any mental health warning signs or unhealthy changes you note in your body. As these are symptoms of serious illness. Seek immediate medical help and start your treatment now.




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