Hayatabad Operation: Security Forces killed All Terrorists

Hayatabad Operation, security forces, Qamar Alam, five terrorists

A policeman, Qamar Alam embraced martyrdom and three others were injured among all of the security forces deployed in a terrorist operation in Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Before starting the operation, security forces cordoned off the area.

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According to several reporters, security forces shot five terrorists dead during the operation. The Operation started on Monday night and after continuous plunging about 16 hours, it ended on Tuesday afternoon.

Hayatabad Operation, security forces, Qamar Alam, five terrorists
Place of Residence of the suspected Terrorists Photo: Dawn

Qamar Alam was shot during the exchange of fire, while three security men were severely injured.

The operation was started after an Intelligence Intel by the Security agencies informed that suspected terrorists are hiding in a Residential Area in Phase 7, Hayatabad, Peshawar.

Shaukat Ali Yousafzai, Information Minister of Khyper Pakhtunkhwa said that they were tipped off about the presence of terrorists residing in a house in Hayatabad. The known suspects were accused of attacking the judges and AIG.

Peshawar City Police Chief Qazi Jameel led the operation and in a briefing, he said that two suspects were killed during the night start whereas, the remaining three were killed on Tuesday.

The Special Services Group and Police personnels participated in the Operation during which three were injured.

The terrorist suspects were fully equipped with arms and heavy weaponry, giving them the opportunity of stiff resistance against the security forces.

During the operation, many explosions were heard and throughout the whole operation, drones were used as a surveillance to monitor the movement of suspected terrorists.

The Commander of the Peshawar Corps Division Lieutenant General Shaheen Mazhar also visited the area. During his visit, he directed the Security Officials to ensure the security of the residing area as much as possible.


Funeral prayers of Qamar Alam Shaheed were offered at the Malik Saad Shaheed Police Lines.

Inside the house, Improvised Explosive Device was found, and after the operation, the house, where the suspects were residing, was demolished using 50-kg bomb.

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