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We are aware of the insensitive comment, Yasir Hussain made recently on Hania Amir’s skin and people are getting mad at him. Hania Amir posted a picture of her face with acne on Instagram to tell her fans about her struggle to fight back such insecurities. In the meantime, when Yasir Hussain was answering his fans and someone asked him “One word for Hania Amir?”, to which he responded “Danedaar”.

And the war begins…

Hania Amir responded to this insensitive comment about her in another story and disliked his act of making funny comments about her acne. Yasir Hussain defended his non-serious comments saying that “acne in Urdu is called Danedaar”. Since when?

However, all the celebrities stand in support of Hania Amir. Imran Ashraf, Mehwish Hayat, Mahira Khan, Nadia Hussain, Syra Shahroz, Meesha Shafi and Ayesha Omer supported her. While in this controversy between Hania Amir and Yasir Hussain, Iqra Aziz unfollowed all the celebrities who stood for Hania Amir on Social Media.

When asked Iqra Aziz said that this has nothing to do with the controvesy and she don’t want to talk about it either.

A fan when told Imran Ashraf, that Iqra Aziz has unfollowed you, he responded her act beautifully.

imran ashraf

Yasir Hussain further fuelled this controversy against him by posting a picture from “The News” stating that “If we continue to be trolled, this will keep happening”. But the thing he did is seriously unacceptable, when he posted this paper and put a sick emoji over Hania’s picture.

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After seeing her followers bullying Yasir Hussain badly, Hania Amir posted a message at her Instagram Status to tell people that trolling and cyberbullying is not a good thing. She said that people need to calm down and stop this bullying against him.

Hania said that she knows that many people in her comment section discouraged this act of trolling and bullying.

“I’m very happy if you stand with me, but if you’re going to go ahead and bash somebody on their looks or any feature on my behalf, then that’s something I will never appreciate.

She ended her discussion with a beautiful message to pray to Allah to show the right path to the negative people. She further said that “She will take care of herself” and told her fans to take care of themselves. After that hashtag “take care of myself” have been started by her fans on twitter and Instagram.


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