Hamza Ali Abbasi Criticized Item Songs in “Pakistan Star” Show

Hamza Ali Abbasi recently criticized a girl on dancing to an item number in his reality show named as “Pakistan Star” and we couldn’t agree him more. He is a host of this grand reality show along with two others Kubra Khan and Javed Sheikh.

It is a kind of talent hunt which is inspired by “American’s Got Talent” and obviously our neighbour country “India’s Got Talent”. PAKISTAN STAR aired on Bol Network channel and people all around Pakistan come to participate in this biggest reality show. Anyone who wanted to tell the world about his or her acting, dancing, singing and stand-up comedy.

Recently, a sixteen-year girl contestant appeared on the show and presented an item song dance. But Hamza Ali Abbasi schooled the girl for dancing on an item song. After her performance, Hamza condemned the dance on an item song saying that this is not our culture.

He also said that other countries can do whatever they want but at least in Pakistan, we cannot promote these kind of dances.

Hamza Ali Abbasi said “Ye ek gand hai, ye ek filth hai, ye ek esi cheez he jis se India bhi apni jaan churwane ki koshish kar raha hai”

He also said that “Item Number ek esi filth hai Jis se India ka Muashara Barbaad hogaya he”. And we want the young generation of Pakistan especially girls to have something good to look up to.

Hamza also apologized being part of the Pakistani Film Industry that because of the trend of Item Songs, Girls feel like this is the only way to tell the world about their talent.

He also pointed towards many Pakistani Film directors who think that they can grab more attention of the world and film lovers by introducing an Item Song in their movies.


Hamza Ali Abbasi said

“I want to apologize on behalf of the Pakistani Film Fraternity who are promoting this kind of songs in their films”

Javed Sheikh when asked on which songs these contestants can dance, Hamza said that she can dance on any other song but not on the Item number.

Hamza said “He has an issue with the lyrics of these item numbers in the movies which is nothing but unacceptable and filth”

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