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So, we all witnessed the fiasco created after Yasir Hussain proposal to Iqra Aziz along with affection shown at the LSA and people are bashing them on internet. While some people bashed them for the public display of affection others supported them. Surprisingly, Hamza Ali Abbasi is part of the latter group. And well, that ticked off Veena Malik big time.

Hamza Abbasi Went All Preachy To The Bashers:

He started with, how can you find fault with a guy asking a woman he loves to marry him, In an era like “THIS”. We think he has a little misunderstanding here, nobody really bashed them for getting engaged. They invited all the bashing upon them because of how they acted after they got engaged, and no matter what, we still live in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Then he explained himself further:

Hamza Ali Abbasi said it is sad how we are so quick to find fault in others (we agree, Man) and instead of the sin we start bashing the sinner. Which is wrong on so many levels. he pleaded “Allah ka Khauf Karo Musalmano” and “Kisi ko Zaleel na karo”

We were so moved and all teary, but then Veena entered the Picture.

Hamza Abbasi

Veena Malik Gave Hamza Abbasi A Reality Check:

So, our girl is hanging out on twitter a lot lately, and she has an opinion (and a funny one at that, about just everything). Veena started the tweet with how she first met Hamza Ali Abbasi. She also shared her opinion of Hamza Ali Abbasi and said he is “upright” and “High principled”.

She continued:

Hold On The Bashing Is Coming:

After the nice sugar-coated start, Just like a typical teacher, Veena went on with asking Hamza about how Halal kissing and hugging before Nikah is? In her words, Two wrongs don’t make a right.

She cleared Hamza on how people are not against getting married, it’s the vulgarity that pissed them off:

And she is actually making sense here:

Hamza Abbasi Dear You Can’t Defend A Haram Act With a Hadith:

Readers, What do you think? Isn’t Veena right here?? And what’s with Hamza, He gets controversial with everything he says. .

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