Summer House Hacks To Keep your House Cool

The scorching summer is upon us, and there’s no sign of it leaving any soon. The sun is blazing with a vengeance, raising the outside temperatures to unbearable 40s. And baking our houses to increase the inside temperature 2 to 3 degrees more. Blasting on the AC provides you a cool relief, but it contributes to the overall heat. Plus not everybody can afford it. So, we have come up with some amazing Summer House hacks to keep your house cool in summer, like insulating the windows and painting your roofs to reduce inside temperature.

Summer House Hacks


Without an AC that is, some of these hacks are simple and quick while some may take a little time but all of them work.

Paint your roof white:

We all read in primary grade white color reflects sunlight while dark shades absorb it. Using common-sense it is easy to infer that painting your roof with a 3mm weather-resistant white paint will help reflect most of the sunlight. And will reduce the inside temperature or at least makes it equal to the outside temperature.

Green roof:

Trees are the utmost solution to climate change. Now, it is not quick and requires energy but the result is amazing. Planting trees and shrubs on your roof can bring down the temperature up to 5 to 7 degrees. Strategically placing trees around the house to hinder direct sunlight and hanging vines on the walls and windows to insulate, can all contribute to a cooler house and a healthy environment.

Zubaida Appa to the rescue:

Here’s a tried and tested “totka” from our beloved Zubaida Appa, paint your roof and outside walls with quick lime or “Choona” and enjoy instant relief from the heat.

Insulate your windows:

Invest in blinds or thick curtains, windows let in most of the heat in our house, if we insulate them. We can block a lot of heat and create a cooling effect.

Cut down on baking, reduce cooking time:

We really want to say don’t cook in the summers, but will you have to. Make simple and quick meals. You can also make the switch to outdoor cooking and grilling during the evenings to prevent heating up your house.

Let the Air come in:

If the night cools down in your city, let it enter your house. It will lower the temperature of the house.


So, this one is the most heard energy-saving advice, but nobody actually practices it. Unplug all the appliances, chargers anything that is not in use, not only will it save some money but it will also stop heat production.

Change your traditional bulbs:

Switch to LED bulbs, that are long-lasting, energy-efficient and they produce less heat.

Make your fans go counter-clockwise:

Maybe that’s new information to you, but there is a small switch at the base of your ceiling fan. You can use it to change the direction of airflow. During summers the counterclockwise movement will push the air down and make you feel cool.


Maryam Kishwer

Maryam is a creative person at heart, Jack of all trades and master of none, but she prefers it that way. Mom to two amazing boys, a wanderers soul, dreamy-eyed painter, an early morning Yogi, and a writer.

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