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A group of three unidentified entered the Gwadar PC Hotel at around 4:30 pm on Saturday, and killed five people. Security forces battled the three heavy armoured attackers when they forcefully stormed the PC Gwadar. The PC Hotel Attack left four hotel employees, three staffers and a security guard killed. A navy soldier was martyred as well, while six were injured, including two army captains, two navy soldiers, and two hotel employees.

According to the officials of the Gwadar Police, at around 4:50 PM, there were three to four men in the hotel and the firing was underway at the hotel.

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The attack was furiously claimed by the banned Balochistan Liberation Army.

Three terrorists attempted forced entry in the Gwadar PC hotel, and upon being challenged by the security guard at the entrance, the terrorists opened fire where they killed that guard.

The United Nations condemned the PC Hotel Attack.

After making statements about the details of the Gwadar PC Hotel Attack, the army’s media wing stated that area clearance was being done until late night.
ISPR said that the terrorists were wearing military style uniforms attempted to enter the PC Gwadar, with the aim of targeting the guests or making them hostage. After clearing the security guard at the entrance, the terrorists followed the staircase leading to the upper floor.

The staff present at the hotel before the security forces took over restricted the terrorists to the corridor on the fourth floor.

After the quick arrival operation of the Security Forces, they killed all three terrorists and their bodies were held for identification.

The terrorists had made the CCTV cameras dysfunctional, and planted Improvised Explosive Devices on all the entry points leading to the fourth floor.

During the clearance operation, all the points where the explosives were planted were cleaned off.

In a recent statement on Sunday, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned the Attack.

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