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Govt. bans the sale of CNG/LNG to public transport. By a notification, OGRA directed all Inspector Generals to take action against all vehicles using cylinders.

The order is for immediate implementation under motor and vehicle rule 199.

OGRA has also initiated an operation for removal of cylinders from public transport and school vans.

OGRA has issued the orders on the suggestion of Punjab Transport Department. By a letter, Punjab Transport Department requested the ban.

During the past months, there has been an increase in the incidents of cylinder bust and fire in public transport. Due to the high number of casualties and threat to public life, the ban seems more than the right decision, govt. bans CNG/LNG for the public transport means. The transport department is unable to check all vehicles.

LNG is a volatile gas, and it can catch fire with slight friction and increase in kinetic energy. Mostly the cylinders used by vehicles are made of iron. Due to continued use, iron finds rust, and the cylinder becomes a potential bomb. When irregular bumps and collisions hit the cylinder, then slightest crack can cause leakage and suddenly the vehicle catch fire.

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The passengers have no time to evacuate or save themselves. So the use of LNG has proven to be a risk for human life.

On the other hand, most transporters use LNG due to its cost affectability. It is less expensive to use LNG. So for saving a few rupees, transporters are putting public life in danger.

The ban should remain active for public safety, and all public vehicles must be cylinder free.

Pakistan is one of the biggest consumers of LNG. Almost every person with a small family car uses LNG for saving money on fuel. Pakistani industries use LNG for power production. Half of the personal transport is on LNG. Our country has no denial against LNG, but it is proving to be hazardous. Cylinder combustion is becoming a routine. If we look into the news, then we can find that every week is full of a few such incidents. In light of this news, the govt should impose a permanent ban on LNG for vehicle use. Pakistanis must value life and refrain from saving money on fuel.

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