Google Privacy Issue Being Mocked By Apple Billboard

Apple Billboard has recently mocked Google privacy issues as it has always been one step ahead of Google and Facebook when it comes to privacy concerns. Tim Cook, chief executive officer of Apple pointed out the tech companies and told them to take responsibility and does not dodge at the Stanford Commencement Speech.

Apple has put a billboard to dig at Google with a caption;

We are in the business of staying out of yours”


This is an iPhone. The billboard is placed right next to the SIDE WALK LABS. SideWalk Lab is a subsidiary of the Alphabet and it is currently working on the urban planning reinventing.

This Alphabet subsidiary has also published a three-volume Master Innovation and Development Plan proposal in which they have discussed the eastern waterfront development of Toronto. This company holds its own business and it has maintained a privacy which means that it does not share the urban data or the data of the users with the sister companies.

Putting a billboard with such ironic title is definitely inserted a shade on Side Walk Labs.

Apple has not expressed its views for the very first time. At CES 2019, Apple has placed a banner at the entrance, which states that

“What happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

google privacy

It was a tongue in cheek for the privacy issues of the companies like Amazon and Google. Apple is keeping the privacy concerns of users alive again through these billboards.

Insider Information on Apple Billboard and Security Concern:

Before we move forward to make any theory related to this billboard, we should appreciate Apple concern to spark privacy related concerns. But there is a reason behind this billboard which Apple intentionally hanged near the Side Walk Lab. Alphabet own subsidiary Side Walk Labs is working on a plan to convert Toronto into a small city and in doing so, they are accused of compromising and violating the privacy of users.

The whole city of Toronto has been connected with sensors and cameras and the data can be easily fed to the government and other servers of private types. Side Walk Labs are working on a plan to use multiple sensors in order to measure the traffic, air quality, noise, and building occupancy.

However, it is clear that this measurable community is posing a real threat to the privacy because the data can easily be shared with other countries and private entities. Moreover, the company has refused that they cannot put the data on local servers.


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