Google Pixel 4 Price, Release Date and Specs

The new Google pixel 4 is the latest invention by Google. This phone is actually showing off its perfect android version and it is showing its best ever photography features. Google pixel 4 release date is 24th of October and it is now available in Pakistan in quite reasonable rates. Google pixel 4 price in Pakistan is 125000rs. There was an option to pre order this phone because Google pixel 4 release time was far. Here mentioning all Google pixel 4 specs, so you can assess how it is. Google pixel 4 release date has passed now so you can easily get it on retail stores.


Pixel 4 is completely new to its older version. This Google phone is having aluminum frame and gives the device potential structure. It has a finishing of rubber black coat. This is one of the flagship phones and gives quite perfect griping.

The rear side of new Google pixel 4 is made from glass, and all the rear colors have varied finishing. If you want glossy finish then black clearly white is accurate for you. It has a display size of 6.7 inch but It is not a small sized phone so the one having small size palms have to grip it with both of their hands.

At the right side of smartphone, there is power and volume buttons. These buttons are in contrasting colors to the black new Google pixel 4 releases. The Google pixel 4 can also survive underwater just for a short span because of its IP68 rating of water resistance.

The points you should know about this phone is that, this phone is not having fingerprint sensor and it is having simple face unlock that is quite easy and quick to function. The Google pixel 4 price is quite fine for its design.


Google pixel 4 is having full HD resolution along with colorful and bright OLED panel. For most of your activities, its display size is quite accurate and It has beautiful bright and 1080p display resolution.

The Google pixel 4 specs include 90hz display rate that is quite higher than most of the other devices. It will give smooth experience of scrolling.

new google pixel 4


This Google pixel 4 release with biggest upgrade, it has second rear camera included in it. It has two rear cameras that result in quite pretty image result.

It has a main camera of 12mp that is supported with 16mp of telephoto lens. This will result in better zoom, boosted low-light shots and extended level of portrait photography.

The Google pixel 4 and pixel 3 are entirely different. As its modified , so it becomes quite better.

This Google device got released with live HDR+that will give real time on screen display on your final image. The Google pixel 4 specs include the best and satisfying camera results.


The new Google pixel 4 is having Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset. This will result in a lot of grunt. But the Google pixel 4 got into market with 6gb of RAM that upholds the device in line of competitive android phones.

The phone is speedy in performance and app loading and game playing will get done with ease. Moreover, all its features and specifications are quite similar like a modern smartphone.

The software within the Pixel 4 also functions smoothly. It has Android 10, the latest version of Google’s operating system. It features in the smart assistant that is having main and innovative gesture controls.

Android 10 has improved version of Google assistant. as now it will result in much smarter voice assistant in Google 4.

google pixel 4 release date

Motor and Gesture Control:

Another noticeable feature on Pixel 4 is its motion sense. This will let you use gesture controls for performing regular tasks when you are unable to touch your smartphone’s screen.

Several other gesture control built into smartphones needed camera. But pixel 4 has a radar chip in its bezel. The radar sensor is liable to rapidly detect motion without applying a lot of potency. This radar sensor and machine learning process are like motion sense. That radar chip gives broad view of almost 180 degree view that let your device recognize your hand from far.

This motion sense can easily recognize three things, like presence, gestures, and reach. It is a beneficial feature but it could irritate you too when your device is in front of you. It is quite rare but still needed to bear in mind. Apart from these, there are some fun features and gestures included in it too.

Battery Life:

Here it disappoints, the Google pixel 4 price is not justifying for its battery life. It’s disappointing to find out that this is the aspect of a flagship phone. Its battery cannot last a full day.

The battery of Google pixel is 2800 mah battery that’s not good in performance. In terms of its screen, its battery life is not that good. However, the Google pixel comes with quite fast charging. Using its original charging makes it charge incredibly fast. It will rarely take an hour to charge completely.

This Google device can also get charged through wireless charging and that is useful. In comparison to this the Google pixel 4 XL is better option to go for. It has quite larger battery and long lasting life.

google pixel 4 release


  • It has incredible camera that now much better.
  • It has firm easy to grip design.
  • Its display is elegant 90hz


  • It has no fingerprint scanner.
  • Its battery life is not good.
  • Its motion sense is just basic.

Final Verdict:

If you want to get the phone with amazing camera result then Google pixel is just for you. It is not a whole feature packed phone but still it can fulfill many of your demands. It is built potentially and equips with elegant design. All its internals are powerful and its gestures are interesting. Overall it is a good device to buy only if you ignore its battery life and its not an issue for you. Google pixel 4 release date is already passed so you can get it now.

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