Google Map Will Report Crowdedness Of Your Ride Now

Google has declared its new update to its Google Map app to help users get to know about the crowd or traffic on their bus or train now. It’s useful because now we will able to check the number of people on the train or bus ride. This new update is ready to help out its users.

Through this feature, people will able to know how much traffic is there, even before they set out on the shuttle. Previously it does not have live traffic delays update for buses or trains in cities.

It is reported that in the start this crowd prediction feature would be declared to about 200 cities all over the world. This feature is all about buses, metros and rails. But we do not have an idea about how much cities this feature is going to cover up from Pakistan.  Soon we will get to know this.

Google has been constantly increasing updates in its Map lately. According to local needs, Google map is establishing various useful features.

Also with the announcement of some feature, Google also declares about the worlds most crowded transportation lanes. It stops from all over the globe.

The Buenos Aires from Argentina and Sao Paulo from Brazil had many of their transportation lanes in the World’s top 10 most crowded transportation lanes.

Google Map App with New Update

Actually, Google has been constantly working out on this feature for the ease of passengers. Last year, the company had started the survey for data collection form bus customers. According to this survey, several questions were asked by users from their rides. They were asked about the empty spaces and standing space on their rides. So this data was used to develop the update which can predict the crowd on bus or train rides.

google map

Google is playing an important role to help people by introducing some new features. Now Google can predict the traffic and crowd of people in all famous restaurants around the globe. The live traffic feature is also now available.

Google is retaining its extreme position among all navigation apps particularly as ride hailing companies like Uber and Lyft.

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