Google Chrome 78 Launched With Dark Mode

Google Chrome updates its new chrome versions quite frequently and delivers new changes to your systems automatically. The most satisfactory thing regarding these chrome releases is that you don’t need to buy or upgrade your chrome versions separately. Instead, Google Chrome will do it for you. Although, you might not notice the changes as they are sometimes very minute. Recently, Google has launched Google Chrome 78 for its users around the globe. This new Google Chrome version has the prominent feature of turning your chrome’s sites with a dark theme known as Forced Dark Theme. This will protect your eyes from blinding at night. The theme does not change the source code of your site, but some color inversions to your personal browser. Also, you can set the dark to be always-on, so you don’t need to change it each and every time.


Google Chrome 78


Another change that Google Chrome 78 brought is you can put on any colored background or any image background of your choice to your browser. You can even put on your picture in the background too. Another google chrome update involves the tab overlay feature. This feature is primarily for those users who open many tabs in their browsers. Then they are unable to analyze which tab was for which purpose. This feature is very helpful as when you hover over the tab, you will be displayed with the full title of the tab.

The Google chrome 78 release also incorporates a password checkup feature. This feature lets you know if you have entered it in a data breaching site. Thus, helps to keep your account safe.  The Google Chrome update also has a click to call feature. It calls on your android phone by highlighting the number from your desktop browser.

Google Chrome update

Last but not least is the Google chrome 78 technical updates which have done a DNS over HTTPS (DOH) protocol. It secures you from someone spying on your data traffic. Google chrome was very delighted as their new stable Chrome release 2019 was brought to Windows, Mac, and Linux too.

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