Glaciers are losing around 390 billion tons of ice and snow each year as a result of fast change in climate and that is quite alarming. The studies have shown that these melting of glaciers globally are causing the water level high by one inch since last half century. The melting rate of Earth’s ice and snow is growing day by day and is high in comparison to previously recorded. According to reports glaciers are shrinking rapidly and its rate is five times more in comparison to 1960s.

In 2013, the international panel of scientists has recorded the fact that ice and snow has been melting at a faster pace 18%. This is all because of the abrupt changes in the climate and nature. Michael Zemp, who is director of the “World Glacier Monitoring Service” at the “University of Zurich” warned that if Glaciers are going to melt at this faster pace, they are not going to exist by the end of the century.

Zemp further elaborated the fact that this sudden loss of the masses in many regions and shrinking of glaciers started over 30 years depicts that climate is changing at an alarming level. Zemp and his team personally examined the ground measurements of around 19000 satellites accurately through satellites. He came up with the results that the shrinking of these glaciers rate has not occurred in the southwestern Asia due to their climatic conditions.

Glaciers are melting and raising the sea levels

Since 1961, around 9.6 million metric tons of glaciers, ice and snow have melted and in return of this shrinking, the sea level has risen. What’s alarming is that studies revealed that this increase in sea level have the capability to cover round 48 states of U.S in 4 feet of water. The increase in the water level in the oceans is a clear threat to the Earth as they are getting hotter and expanding more. This is dangerous for the coastal cities as this climate change can destroy these regions through storm and flood.

Climate change

Well, if we look at the broader perspective then we have a clear picture of the reasons of this climate change and melting of glaciers which are mostly man-made. With the continuous burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil, the amount of carbon-dioxide and methane have increased on Earth at a dangerous level. Both of these gases are together, melting glaciers, heating up the oceans and are threats to the atmosphere.

We need to be sane enough not to increase global warming because Earth will be inhabitable, if it will lose all its ice and glaciers.


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