Girls Secondary School, Hakeem UL Allah Mehsud, Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan

Today we iconic news all the way from the Orakzai agency. Pakistani Army rebuilt a girls’ secondary school that was once the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan leader Hakeem UL Allah Mehsud’s military headquarter.

The Girls secondary school was destroyed during the war on terrorism and later the TTP militants leader Hakeem UL Allah Mehsud converted it into his headquarters. The dark times when the Tehreek e Taliban ruled the area was littered with atrocities against girls’ education in particular. Not that anyone saved from their brutality.

Pakistan Army laid hundreds of precious lives to restore peace and stability in Waziristan, they won the war against terror with tremendous support from the natives, who had to leave their homes and lived in IDP camps for a long time.

Bait UL Allah Mehsud was the Emir of infamous Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan after his death in a drone strike by the American intelligence Agency CIA. After the death of Bait UL Allah Mehsud, his brother Hakeem Ullah Mehsud took the reins of the terrorist group.

Hakeem UL Allah Mehsud built headquarters in the Orakzai Agency, he was anti- Pakistan and anti-army terrorist. He once said in an interview to the BBC that if Pakistan Army took over his headquarter he would start wearing bangles. The Terrorist leader was killed like his brother in an American drone strike in 2013.

Now that life is returning to the Orakzai Agency, Government and Army are doing restoration work. The Pakistani Government has released Rs 4.4 billion for the reconstruction and development in FATA.

After the death of Hakeem Ullah Mehsud, Pakistan Army cleared the area of terrorist, they promised to reconstruct the Girls School and now the Army has fulfilled the promise.

The reconstruction of the girls’ secondary school, which was once TTP’s Hakeem Ullah Methods headquarters is a clear message of resilience to the terrorist and their supporters. The newly built school is proof that a new era of enlightenment is emerging from the dark ages of terrorism and extremism.

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