Frieha Altaf Discloses Yasir Hussain’s Proposal at LSA

Iqra Aziz Engagement pictures just surfaced Last night. Sidra Aziz, Iqra Aziz’s Sister posted the sweetest Instagram post to congratulate the most talked couple Iqra and Yasir Hussain.  But these super cute engagement pictures just busted the bubble of the Yasir Hussain’s Proposal at the LSA. And Well Frieha Altaf scripted it all.

iqra aziz sister , Sidra Aziz’s post confirmed that the two love birds are finally engaged. And Oh the sweet post filled with sisterly love just melted our hearts. She congratulated them, apologized for not being there and gave Iqra some amazing bits of advice.

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Back to the story, the pictures started coming in, She’s looking super cute in the white and gold dress and we are like so happy for the two sweethearts.

But the Instagram Sherlocks found something fishy in the pictures.

The Curious Instagramers dug out some suspicious stuff:

So, while some of us were busy swooning over the adorable pictures some Instagramers with a great memory dug up stuff. They found a picture that Iqra posted way back in Feb, wearing the same dress and hair and updo and makeup. Basically, she posted her engagement pictures, without announcing it to the world in Feb.

Can you spot the similarities???

Was the LSA Proposal Scripted?

We were super cool with them not announcing their engagement, I mean their life their Choice. But, But, But there’s a twist in the whole story of two people falling in love and tying the knot. If they were already engaged in February, which happened way before the Lux Style Award 2019. Which got a lot of hype because of Yasir’s dramatically proposing Iqra and than their public display of affection.

Frieha Altaf, LSA, Iqra Aziz EngagementFrieha Altaf has just spilled the beans:

In a Youtube show, Mixed plate with Momina, Frieha Altaf cleared the confusion and said it was her idea. She added that she wanted to bring the western concept of public proposals to Pakistan. She commended Yasir for going with the plan and even though the proposal was scripted he went on to add a personal touch to the whole thing. In her words, because he has “verbal diarrhea”.

What do you think guys? What are your thoughts on the whole drama of Iqra Aziz engagement and Yasir Hussain’s proposal? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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