The Saudi government has announced to provide a facility of one million free SIM cards along with free internet connection for the Hajj Pilgrims. People are coming from far away places to perform Hajj and this is a gift from the Saudi government. Hajj Pilgrims will be facilitated with SIM cards and internet when they will arrive at King Abdulaziz International Airport, Jeddah.

A Gift From Saudi Government to Hajj Pilgrims

Earlier a statement was presented from The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in which they said that people stay in Saudi Arabia for a long span of time. They wanted to be in touch with their families and friends back home. This gift of one million free SIM cards and free internet facility will allow them to remain in contact with their loved ones continuously.

Moreover, it is also reported by Arab News that a dedicated team is appointed to this task to be their 24/7 during Hajj. They will provide these services to the pilgrims who will perform Hajj. This initiative has been taken on the orders of King, Salman and the Crown, Prince who wanted the Hajj Pilgrims to perform Hajj and other religious duties with ease and comfort in their country.

At the start of this year Saudi Government has organized a pilot program. In this program, authorities have provided the Hajj pilgrims with 25000 wearable high-tech smart cards in Mina.

In this smart card all the information of Hajj pilgrims can be stored like health status, residence and all the tour details. This card will help the pilgrims in case of emergency situations as well.

In an attempt to facilitate the Hajj pilgrims, the Saudi government has also launched an e-track system. The e-track system is going to help applicants deal with the packages for Hajj. This facility will help pilgrims enter e-contracts in order to avail all the services from companies and agencies.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs from Pakistan has also developed multiple apps to facilitate the Hajj Pilgrims to perform Hajj. This will assist them in their stay in Saudi Arabia.


There are number of apps which will help them assist during Hajj, which include Mina Locator App, PakHajj Muavin, AlMaqsad, Rehnuma-e-Hajj App, and Pak Hajj Guide. This year around 200,000 Pakistani people are going to perform Hajj.

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