Free Kashmir banners were flown over the Ind vs SL WC match

Pakistanis get back at India by highlighting the plight of Muslims in the Secular country. During the world cup, 2019 match played between India Vs Srilanka, on 6 July, 2019. A plane towing banners with “Free Kashmir” and “India Stop Genocide In Kashmir” was spotted flying over the stadium.

Kashmir, India vs Srilanka

In India Vs Srilanka match, banners held slogans against Indian atrocities in the Indian occupied Kashmir, and the mob lynching incidents against Muslims of India.

This is the second incident of such kind during 2019 men’s cricket world cup. 10 days back a similar plane was spotted with justice for Balochistan Banners during a group match between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This led to clashes between the fans of both teams both inside and outside the stadium.

The Indian Humanitarian Crisis:

Minorities in India are living in deplorable conditions, there have been 22 incidents of mob lynching in the last one year. All the victims were Muslims accused of slaughtering cows. They were tortured to death by angry mobs. And that explains the last banner flying over yesterday’s match, it said” Stop Mob Lynching of Muslims.”

Indian Occupation in Kashmir has taken 80,000 innocent lives since the 1980s:

Kashmir is under Indian oppression ever since the birth of India, they are being treated like criminals and are deprived of their birthright of self-determination. Despite UN resolutions and the constant insurgency of the people of Kashmir. India is using brutal force and heinous human rights violations to suppress the freedom movement.

Have a Taste of Your Own Medicine, India!:

We hope the Indian’s enjoyed watching their hideous face in the mirror. India keeps on comparing the situation of Balochistan (where planted terrorists are fighting against the state) to the Indian occupied Kashmir (where the state of India is the oppressor and the civilians are fighting for their independence). It is just a ploy to avert the world’s attention from the real problem.

Maryam Kishwer

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