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Interior Ministry issued a notification regarding Eid ul Azha four holidays. The holidays will start on 12 August and ends on 15 August. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be off, and Friday will be a working day.

The Eid holidays are combined with the weekend, and salaried employees will enjoy six full days of no work. Many will take Friday off as a compulsive habit and enjoy a whole week of freedom and leisure.

Eid ul Azha is celebrated enthusiastically all over Pakistan. The regional people do not contradict on the date with the authorities on this Eid.

The current year will witness another change in Qurbani economy. Every transaction above 40000 rs for Qurbani animal will be done by banks. Every mandi will have a representative of FBR to collect taxes. It is the first time that FBR intervened in the sale of livestock.

The present situation in mandis is the hike of animal prices to the sky. Salaried persons are unable to buy a decent goat or sheep at 20000 rs.

The collection of hides is an economy for charitable organizations. This year will also witness many persons with receipts of hides donation on Eid day. But the govt had banned many religious and political organizations from collecting hides. All this is due to FATF regulations. The govt intends to stop every hide from the reach of radical elements.

The hides from Eid play a vital role in the leather industry. Every Eid ul Azha brings the raw material for the whole year. The hides are salted and cleaned by a process, and then hides are delivered to the industries for manufacturing. Many people buy hides to sell them at a higher price later.

The sacrifice of an animal is a religious task assigned by Islam for a person with resources. And due to the sacrifice, many poor people also become able to eat mutton once in a year. The price of mutton is 1100 rs per kg, which is out of reach for even a person with a 40000 monthly income.

Let us all hope for a joyous Eid for all Pakistan. May this Eid brings happiness for lower classes of Pakistan.

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