For Crazy ICC World Cup Final, Ben Stokes Apologized To Kane

At Lords, cricket lovers have witnessed the craziest game of all time in World Cup Final between England and New Zealand. The fortunate four runs, which changed the game and put the pressure on New Zealand in the last over and led to a Super Over. Ben Stokes literally apologized to Kane Williamson for those four runs which led to a dramatic ending and he said it was the best match in the history of cricket.

In the last over, it was a tie between two when England chased the score of 241 in 50 overs the same score made by New Zealand. People were doubtful and shocked that what in the world just happened??

However, when Super Over was called both teams made 15 runs as well and tie again.

But the number of boundaries was the only reason that England Cricket team bagged ICC World Cup Trophy 2019.

While speaking to media, Ben Stokes said that they are here for this type of game and he doesn’t think that there is any better game than this in the history of cricket.

Eoin Morgan claimed that they were good enough to reach to the Final and the boys are happy for the amazing cricket they have witnessed.

Kane Williamson said that England had a very good campaign and they deserved the victory.

He did talk about boundaries and margins which made England fortunate enough to take this title for the ICC World Cup winner 2019.

Even after the victory of England, a debate has started on the eye soar twists the Final World Cup brought to the audience. The biggest controversial moment was when Ben Stokes’ bat hit the ball in an attempt to reach to his crease and it touched the boundary for four runs.

That was a nail bitten moment!

After this Super Over created its own spell with a tie and England bragged the Final Trophy with more boundaries being counted.

Ben Stokes apologized to the captain of Black Caps Kane Williamsons countless times for this accidental hit and four runs. Moreover, he also said that this is not how it was supposed to be.

Ben was born in New Zealand and stuck 8 runs in three balls and not out in the Super Over. He also said that this type of professional cricket is what we live for and our hard work of 4 years has paid off. Ben Stokes added we are the champions of the world and this is an amazing feeling.

Kiwis won our hearts too!

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