Foldable Smartphones Are Game Changer Or Not?

Foldable smartphones are back in game with certain designs by most of the handset manufacturing companies. It is trendy as a theory, but still the usefulness of this device is not known and possibility is that this could be a game changer. In this race and growing market of smartphones, companies are more focusing on the classy design of the handsets due to user’s demand like Samsung and Motorola Razr.

Motorola Razr and Other Foldable Handsets

Nokia has just invested in the new design of Motorola Razr. This additional feature of foldable phone with flip of the new Motorola Razr is to make it competitive enough in the smartphone industry.

Just have a look at this foldable Motorola Razr. It was a long time ago that people used to look at the initial purpose of the phone. But now if the display and the appearance of the phone is off or outdated, users re-think whether they should buy it or not. Smartphone manufacturers are focusing more on the design and layouts. These include Huawei phone, Samsung and One plus. Well people buy iPhone mostly because of its smart and unique appearance and display. This thought may give foldable phone an edge over other smartphones.

Motorola razr

foldable smartphones

Foldable Smartphones are in Market Now

As per customers’ expectations, may be the time will come that the design of phones will be revised. And the smartphone manufacturing company may start making a square or round shaped handsets instead of the ordinary rectangular one. With the vast technology and growing people demand, the new holographic display may be initiated soon that will allow us to look through pictures and videos in 3D.

This will be quite challenging as this innovation is going to change our perspective about using a phone as a communication device. In the form of a tablet, it can be more productive not only for the artists who use it as a music producer, an editing vehicle for video editor and photographers but as a textbook for the students in the class.

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