Flying Taxi Drone Glimpse By Airbus “Vahana Project”

Airbus has been working on this Flying Taxi Drone under the name “Vahana Project” and this passenger drone network took its first flight in January 2018. They wanted to create something like self-driving cars and they have now shared the interior of this amazing flying taxi drone. Recently the Airbus team of Vahana has shared a picture of Airbus drone taxi Alpha Two Air taxi from inside and outside.

Air taxi


This flying bird looks like those in the racing games. Single-seat is present inside the Alpha Two and there is no pilot in the way of passengers to see the horizon and touch the height of skies. Although it is not sure that from which way passengers will enter this flying taxi. Passengers will surely have an unobstructed view of the sky from this drone-like flying taxi.

flying taxi

You will see a high definition screen in the front which provides you information about the flight path and other essentials. However, Airbus is of opinion to plan a platform or step for passengers. You can see a picture with a cabin hatch open of this futuristic aircraft.


According to the company, this aircraft took its first test flight up to a height of 16 feet. Vahana is planning to undergo more detailed tests and development on this flying taxi before it takes the passengers at their destination. The successful test was a victory that leads Vahana to get this idea.

Sources revealed that this flying air taxi hit 170km/h in the sky. The images depict that it is not like an ordinary aircraft, but this prototype owns unique features. The Vahana project team tells that this flying air taxi gets lifted with eight propellers.

Moreover, Airbus claimed that Vahana aircraft has completed 50 full-scale test flights with one Alpha. The aircraft comprises the best hardware and software system which allows them to sense any kind of obstacle in its way and avoid it. Airbus has manufactured this sophisticated craft through Wayfinder technology.

Just a few years ago, a self-flying air taxi was nothing but a dream, hard to fetch and here we are in the era of innovation.


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