Fashion Designers of Pakistan 2020 : Top 17

Fashion designers are leading in this industry for many years and making strong impacts from Asia to America in 2020. Fashion isn’t just about wearing clothes, but it’s the language of mind, body, and soul. In the Pakistan fashion industry, we can see many faces serving the industry since long, but very few have that extraordinary style and magic in hand. For those who prefer sophisticated and classy designs, the Pakistani fashion industry never disappoints them. Fashion designers Pakistan are very popular worldwide and they have a huge influx of customers worldwide. Pakistani designers have made their own class, which everyone loves to follow.

To make celebrities look more beautiful, Pakistani fashion designers create sparkling outfits and work day and night to upgrade the identity of people. This field is loaded with sparkle and appeal with hues and style. In this blog, we are going to talk about Pakistani fashion in 2020 and the leading Pakistani fashion designers of all time.

Fashion Designers Pakistan 2019-2020

In the past decade, Pakistan has emerged and continues to be a fashion hub in Asia. Be it a simple shalwar kameez, formal suit, lehenga or a sari, Pakistan is known for the well designed elegant dresses and are a class apart.

With the best fashion designers, it’s no wonder that our clothes are in high demand around the world. Our dresses are being showcased all over Asia to America; Pakistani fashion designers are ruling the world and has come a long way indeed. Times have changed and gone are the days when there were a few to rule the fashion circuit.

Geo News Special – Pakistani Fashion Designers Showcase Collections Near Burj al-Khalifa

This time Pakistani fashion designers and trendsetters have decided to bring back short or medium length shirts as for Pakistani fashion 2019-2020. Short Kurtis with palazzos make the perfect combo and kick off the fashion, whereas, cigarette pants with long shirts are always in fashion for a long period.

Pakistani Designers

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 Pakistani fashion designers:

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY)Pakistani fashion designer

He is one of the most capable style architects of Pakistan, begun as a style designer in 2000 by his name HSY. He has got much acclaim and has contributed his striking collection line in a few national and international shows. HSY has been recognized and named as the New King of Couture by an international bestselling magazine ‘Harper’s Bazaar.’


Asim Jofa- Top Pakistani Designer


He is a gem architect of the US and is amongst the best Pakistani fashion designers rocking the industry these days. He began his brand with the name Asim Jofa which has now become a mainstream style brand that outlines the perfect and gorgeous work of art dress for ladies.

The best part of his work is that his imagination isn’t just limited to eastern touch, but is the combo of both eastern and western.


Fahad Hussayn Pakistani fashion 2019

He is one of the leading Pakistani fashion designers, known for developments and flexibility. He is a graduate from Beacon House National College, specialized in brides’ marriage wear lines and portrays contemporary themes.





Deepak Perwani Pakistani fashion designer

Who doesn’t know about him? He is one of the best designers our country proud to have. He is highly praised for the menswear dress line and has participated in international fashion shows with his attractive attires.

Later he started designing luxury prêt for women. So, brides who are daring and want to look gorgeous must go for Deepak’s wedding attire. His bridal collection is to die for and in each presentation, he stole the hearts of audiences.


Maria B Pakistani Fashion 2019

She is an expert Pakistani fashion designer and trend-setter who is successfully running her couture line ‘Maria B.’ With her splendid work and creativity in each masterpiece, she has now started children wear line that has also won our hearts.




Zara Shahjahan Pakistani fashion designers

Zara Shah Jahan is indeed known for her imagination and adaptability. She is exceptionally capable in the formal clothing line. On the other hand, her bridal collection has also got much fame and appreciation.





Nomi Ansari nomi ansari

Nomi Ansari is a young developing dress stylish who has additionally taken an interest in design shows and spoke to the outstanding gathering. Being a young, stylish of Pakistan fashion industry, he has picked up enough prevalence in national and international style planning.



Bunto KazmiBunto Kazmi

Bunto Kazmi is a stalwart of the fashion world. Traditionally designed clothes that reflect the Mughal influence and which spell grace are Bunto Kazmi’s trademark.

The timeless appeal and delicate work of her designs make her a classy lady and a firm favorite with many brides. Planning to have your wedding dress designed from her? You will need an appointment at least 8 to 10 months before your big day. She is in high demand always.


Sana Safinazsana safinaz

Their high-end clothes (prêt and semi-formals) are in demand for all four seasons. They love to play with funky colors and have many upcoming dresses to showcase as Pakistani fashion 2019-2020, so wait for that!

These fashion designers have won numerous awards on both national and international levels. Their luxurious designs attract women to their outlets, for bridal wear to Desi prêt and formal line, branched into western designs to die for.

Nida Azwernida azwer

Nida Azwer is the queen of style and elegance. Her color palette is not so diverse, but this is her forte. This fashion designer loves to design in whites and beiges with a tinge of pastels that one simply keeps staring at her collection. The detailed handwork is what set her designs apart from the other Pakistani fashion designers.


Shamaeel Ansari – Best Pakistani Designer

fashion designers pakistan

Shamaeel Ansari has been part of the fashion industry for the last three decades. She has made her place among the most successful Pakistani fashion designers. With each collection, she has proved herself as the Czarina of Style. She graduated from the University of California in Berkeley, with a specialization in finance and corporate law.  

Her couture collection represents the grandeur and magnificence of her ancestral heritage, which is Tipu Sultan- the Tiger of Mysore. She made a series of the show to represent her collection at historical places. Also, she is the only Pakistani designer who traded in the international market and brought Donna Karen in Pakistan.

She has spent a royal journey from becoming a regal designer to a truly iconic figure among fashion designers of Pakistan.


Umar Sayeed – Best Designer Pakistani clothes

fashion designers pakistan

Umar Sayeed made a name for himself among Pakistani fashion designers and got his art acknowledged. He revived the glamour and chic style in the fashion industry. His creations are no less than artistic work and dazzled the masses with their sparkle and luxurious patterns.

Especially, his bridal designs that are enough to redefine the bridal fashion, are in increasing demand. There is no fashion embellishment left for him to conquer. Subsequently, he has been there and achieved it all. Palette’s work, motifs, bridal collection, ultra-chic style, he has aced them with excellence. 


Zainab Chotani – Most Popular Fashion Designer

fashion designers pakistan

Another Pakistani fashion designer that has proved that young age brings more creativity. Zainab Chotani is a very successful and creative Pakistani designer. In a short while, she has climbed up the ladder and stand among the experienced fashion designers of Pakistan.

Her designs are stunning and detailed with intricate work of art that dazzles the eyes. She loves to play with bold and soft colors thrown over the exuberant fabric. Therefore, her childhood passion has provided her recognition among the international market. She has determination and zeal to prove herself and expand her natural talent to produce untried designs. In short, we can say that Zainab is one of the best fashion designers in Pakistan


Tena Durrani – Pakistani Branded Clothes

fashion designers pakistan

Tena Durrani has been marking her presence in the fashion industry, with her majestic designs since 2005. She has made a statement with her designs and made a place for herself between Pakistani designers. Her collection has a vast variety and consists of luxury Pret, formals, and couture collection.

In addition, her designs represent the majestic and regal aura of the Mughal Empire and provide a royal and magnificent look to her designs. She has drawn inspiration from a regal era that has filled her collection with aesthetic and artistic creativity. 

Moreover, her designs are bold and vibrant with rich colors that indicate a personality. They appeal to the majority with their aesthetic sense and dazzles with their vibrant and versatile patterns.     


Sania Maskatiya – Top Female Fashion Designer

fashion designers pakistan

Sania Maskatiya has made an individual place among the Pakistani fashion designers. She graduated from the reputable Indus Valley School of Arts and Architecture with a specialization in Textile Design. Then, she went to take over the fashion world with her aesthetic sense and innovative streak. 

She is known to produce a variety of prints o luxuriant fabrics with intricate embroidery. Her delicate and graceful embellishments have made a place in the hearts of fashion lovers. That is why; an Oscar-winning filmmaker, Sharmain Obaid Chinoy, decided to done a Sania Maskatiya attire to walk down the red carpet and receive her award. 


Misha Lakhani – Leading Fashion Designer

misha lakhani

Misha Lakhani designs are a beautiful blend of east and west. She modernizes her designs but does not lose the aesthetic touch of ethnicity. Her ensembles are a creation of mixed styles with an elegant and sophisticated touch. 

She gives preference to blend modern design work with old crafts like Jaali, Zardozi, Tharkashi, and Aari. This eclectic mix appeals to everyone and makes her creations eternal. Her collection includes couture, luxury Pret, and ready to wear as well as accessories that complement them.


Mina Hasan

mina hasan

Mina Hasan is a Pakistan designer who taps and reveals the feminine side of the women with her outfits. She believes that it is the woman who makes clothes look poised and graceful. That’s why she insists on bringing up the femininity and softness of the woman who wears her designs. 

Mina Hasan makes women look beautiful, graceful, and feminine. As well as, women carry her designs with utter grace and flawless manner. This makes Mina Hasan different from other Pakistani fashion designers.  

The Pakistani fashion industry is growing fast, and with dedicated shows around the world, it highlights a style of fashion. However, there are many other designers too, that haven’t been mentioned here, but they are well known for their talent and amazing creations. Furthermore, we keep you updated about the latest Pakistani styles and trends along with the latest collection from fashion designers of Pakistan.

Stay tuned to know more about Pakistani fashion 2020.

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