Facebook Women Entrepreneurship Expansion In Pakistan

Facebook has recently announced that the #SheMeansBusiness program is coming all its way to Pakistan, which is happening in collaboration with the Lahore Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry LWCCI. Facebook has collaborated with the Lahore Women Chamber of Commerce to expand the women entrepreneurship in Pakistan to boost the economy.

The program named #SheMeansBusiness is a partnership with the NGOs, business heads and other organizations of the government. Around 21 countries from Asia Pacific are part this program which include Pakistan as well.

This platform will provide the women entrepreneurs with appropriate tools, training and resources in order to help them excel in the 21st century. This program will help the women of Pakistan and across Asia Pacific to grow their business. It is running online and covered around 130,000 women across the globe to facilitate their entrepreneurship.

A ceremony was held in Lahore at Faletti Hotel, where the partnership with Facebook and LWCCI takes place. The event was attended by the Head of Community Affairs named Beth Ann Lim. The management of LWCCI was also part of this ceremony, including the President Faazia Ahmed.

The Chief Guest was Higher Education Provincial Minister, Raja Yassir Humayun Sarfraz addressed the audience. He said that women need the right tools to excel and they are important in boosting the national economy. He also appreciated the stance of Facebook who is collaborating with the Lahore Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry LWCCI. This will help the women around the globe to exercise the right tools and strengthen their business and eventually the economy of Pakistan.

He also emphasized on expanding this program to other regions of Punjab, especially the remote areas where the talented women are devoid of resources.

Beth Ann also expressed gratitude for the Lahore Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry who allow the #SheMeansBusiness program to come to Pakistan. According to her, the women of Pakistan are capable to excel in the entrepreneurship. She added that women of Pakistan are skilled and just with the right tools and knowledge, they can excel in their own business.

The President, Founder of Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Doctor Shehla Javed Akram also expressed her views that how this program is working on empowering women of Punjab. She further elaborated that the vision of their organization through this women program is to increase the contribution of women in economy with the majority of the proportion of GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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