Facebook Study App Will Pay You For Your Data

Facebook study app will pay you for the data mobile users will share with the company as this is the way to learn how people use social media apps. A Study from Facebook is an application under which the users will be asked to share their daily app usage information.

facebook Study App

This app will collect data from your mobile regarding the apps you have installed, amount to time you spend on these apps and what device you use. Users will be paid if they agree to share the information required. Moreover, your location and network information will also be collected.

Facebook Study App claims that this marketing tool is to improve their own product efficiency.


  1. The company has mentioned an important thing that not everybody can participate in this Study app. Facebook is going to run ads on its own platform and on other social media networks. When the users will click on the ad, they will be asked to provide certain information, if they get selected.
  2. Upon selection, users will receive an invite to download the Facebook Study App. No one can download the app without an invitation from the company. Your Facebook account is not required for this program.
  3. The company has been working on some logistics to improve the system based on the feedback and data they will collect from the users.
  4. Facebook, the famous social media app has also ensured transparency to the users. They claim that the app will not save the passwords, IDs of users or messages of any individual. This time the tech giant has assured the fact that privacy of a user will not be compromised.
  5. For the payment method, Facebook Study App will require the PayPal account of the participants. However, the compensation amount has not been revealed yet.
  6. If any user at some point wants to leave the program, all he has to do is to uninstall the app. Moreover, user will inform Facebook that he is withdrawing.

Right now, this app is only available for the U.S and Indian users. The company claimed that improvements are on the way and they will soon launch this app in other countries too.

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