Facebook Redesign is happening in to just Two Parts

In the recent events, Facebook just announced its redesign that will focus on just two parts of the core app, that people love the most, events and groups. After what saw the Tech-world going through the biggest social website and platform in 2018, the founder, Mark Zuckerberg is looking forward to make comeback with a Facebook Redesign in 2019.

The typical navy bluish news feed is a story of the past now, the social platform is giving the website a whole new look, making it a lot cleaner. It was somehow, announced that this redesign will be expected to be released in the next few months.

The Facebook redesign is coming with a top of the website being replaced from the dark blue, in white and light grey icons for the Newsfeed.

The Social Giant is placing the Facebook groups in the front and center and let the users think that of it as the cornerstone, while the other part, events is also getting a fresh paint look.

Facebook says that the redesign is also coming for iOS and Android and will start out rolling soon, although the desktop Redesign is expected a bit late.

Along with the whole redesign, Facebook logo is also getting changed, previously, it is used to be f within a blue or white square, is now the letter f in a brighter and lighter blue circle.

Facebook Stories, which were previously on the right side, are no longer there, rather than they are at the middle, as if they were in the Facebook Mobile App and are in rectangles.

In the previous Facebook website, there were four columns, and in the new one, there are three columns, but the contacts are now displayed under the suggested groups.

The Facebook redesign was announced in the F8 Facebook Conference, last month on April 30th, 2019.

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