Facebook Fined $5 Billion For The Privacy Breaches By FTC

Federal Trade Commission (FTC), US has imposed a heavy fine of $5 billion on Facebook for privacy breaches and Cambridge Analytica. Now they have to submit their products and services for a review on a quarterly basis as a punishment for Cambridge Analytica scandal and violating the privacy of users. Looks like the owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg in trouble for such breaches.

The FTC claims that Facebook is found guilty of failing to protect the data of the users from the third party. Moreover, Facebook has been lying to the users about the facial recognition software that it has turned off by default. Above all, the data of users collected from the Facebook has been illegally used to send ads to through the phone numbers, which has been provided for security concerns.

In response, Facebook has agreed to a settlement and they are forced more likely to develop a new management structure and new rules for handling users’ data. From now onwards, every newly developed Facebook product and service have to pass through the privacy review.

All the products and services of the Facebook will be reviewed by the CEO, Director of the Committee and in the presence of the third party to assess. This procedure will repeat on every quarter of the year.

Moreover, the FTC has also implemented some rules for the CEO Mark Zuckerberg and he cannot dismiss the privacy committee concerns as per these rules. Social media has also in need to agree with these new privacy rules and company is obliged to report any privacy breach in this regard. If in case data of 500 users get leaked then, Facebook has to report the issue to FTC within 30 days.

Meanwhile, $5 billion fine seems to be small for many. Kara Swisher from the New York Times said that this fine for the privacy breach is small and there is a need to put another zero on this fine. According to Kara, $5 billion is just a “parking ticket” for Facebook Company.

Beside this, many other objections have come to light regarding Mark Zuckerberg, not being accountable for the mentioned privacy issue and escape from this litigation.

In response to the FTC fine, CEO Mark Zuckerberg promises that he is going to reform Facebook. He also stated that he will appoint a Chief Privacy Officer to minimize these risks. The CEO also added that he will engage more than a thousand workers across this company in identifying these privacy risks and limiting them.

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