Facebook Apps For Experimentation Launch With NPE Team

Facebook has planned to launch a brand of new experimental apps which will be used for the consumers, developed under the NPE Team. New Product Experimentation (NPE) Team will be focusing on the development on new apps for iOS, Android and the web which will emphasize on the consumer services.

A separate name for the new team has been selected in order to help develop the users’ expectations. Moreover, it is considered that new product experimentation NPE apps will be changed rapidly and they may shut down, if they will be of no use to the customers.

Facebook has also made many experiments related to its own app and successfully done some odd launches. These include:

  • Moments (collection of your precious moment pictures at one place)
  • Notify (by turning own notifications or subscribing to them)
  • Lifestage (it is like a Snapchat clone)
  • Poke (another Snapchat clone to poke people and let them know you miss them and they will poke you back)
  • Slingshot (another Snapchat clone)
  • Tbh (to be honest, an anonymous social media app)
  • Moves (a fitness tracking app)
  • Hello (a custom dialer for Android)

Facebook Experimental Apps Under NPE Team

These are few Facebook apps we have named. This kind of NPE Team, an experimental group which is providing new services at a faster rate in the form of apps is a great idea. These new Facebook brands can be easily removed from the scene without affecting its own image. In fact, this will allow Facebook to try new things and innovate their app with new ideas without the concern of being under pressure.

Such NPE Team app experimentation will put them in a position to not to worry about that something goes wrong and it does not even affect Facebook brand. They have no such high expectations from the new apps. However, Facebook has been through many failures and it is now at up front and in case these apps will be of no use to the users, they may shut them down.

Well, New Product Experimentation Team (NPE) has not said any words for their launch that what type of apps they will be introducing or when this will be revealed. But, with the announcement of their brand NPE, we won’t be waiting for long to see their odd service pop-ups.

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