Facebook Ads Fraud Click Injection-App Developers Sued

According to the reports, Facebook has sued two app developers for earning fraudulent revenue using this giant advertisement platform. Facebook platform has announced to take legal action against these two developers which were earning through click on Facebook ads on Google Play Store under the name “click injection scheme”.

Facebook Ads Click Injection Fraud Scheme

According to the director of platform enforcement and litigation, Jessica Romero said that the two developers made apps for Google Play Store. These app development companies designed apps ad types to infect the phone of the users with malware. These malware will create fake clicks by the users on Facebook ads that appeared on the Facebook page, giving an impression that user itself clicked them.

The fraudulent scheme by two software developers was named as click injection fraud scheme, which gives them sophisticated form of click on the Facebook ads and revenue. It was not in the knowledge of users that ad fraud app installation are providing money to this fraudulent scheme.

Previously, researchers have noticed these security breaches too. Under this scheme, developers create apps which are easy to make and they get downloaded millions of times. In the background, these developers click on these invisible ads without the knowledge of users.

App Developers running Fraudulent Scheme:

Facebook has sued two developers named LionMobi from Hong Kong and JediMobi from Singapore. The two developers have been generating unearned payouts through fraudulent click injection scheme which was in violation of Facebook policies.

Facebook Company said that this kind of lawsuit is one of the first against the click injection scheme. However, Google has already taken action against these click injection schemes which were earning illegally through the Play Store apps.

Last year in October, Google removed around 30 apps which were running these fraudulent schemes. Facebook has unveiled that they have banned these developers from their network. They added that the impact has refunded back to the advertisers back in March 2019 by Facebook ads manager.

Company sources told that they have counted the installs to date by these fraudulent app developers which are around 207 million. The apps advertise on Facebook are still in the Google Play Store and Google has not commented on this matter yet.

This form of click spamming targeted wide range of custom audiences through Facebook Ad campaign.

According to Jessica Romero, Facebook has detected this fraud after continuous effort. They have inquired the matter to stop their advertising products from being abused at the hands of app developers.

Brand awareness is much needed to avoid any other fraudulent scheme in future. When you install an application all the other apps get notification about the newly installed app called install broadcasting. The same technique should be adopted on the phone. This technique will let the user know about any fraudulent app installed in the background busy in clicking and earning revenue in their name.

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