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Hair is the most beautiful natural accessory for women. Long shiny locks of hair make you a show stopper. Getting straight silky hair is a dream for everyone, thanks to technology now that too is possible. There are many strengthening, straightening and relaxing treatments out there. But in the Extenso Vs Keratin debate which treatment is better? And if the Loreal Extenso Vs keratin debate worth it?

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Our constantly frizzy hair, low maintenance attitude, and hijab in Karachi’s humid summers is a disastrous combination for the mane. The Beauty parlor girl would constantly throw words like Extenso and keratin treatments for healthy, shiny hair our way. So, we decided to put our internet surfing skills to good use and find out what is better Extenso Vs Keratin treatment.

 What Is Better Extenso Vs Keratin treatment?

Now the most important thing that you need to know is Keratin and Extenso hair treatments have different work areas. Keratin treatment is a nourishing protein treatment that makes your hair become healthier, shinier and lustrous. It doesn’t have many side effects and the result is pretty much similar to Extenso.

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While Extenso, on the other hand, is a straightening treatment and it gives your hair that dead straight gorgeous look. But that comes with a cost. For Extenso treatment, mostly Loreal products are used in Pakistan. And even though they are great products Extenso damages hair. It works by relaxing the molecular structure of hair to give them that dead straight frizz-free look.

Keratin Treatment Explained:

Our hair is made of a tough, fibrous protein called Keratin and dead cells. Keratin makes the protective covering of hair. It is what gives a smooth and shiny look to our hair. Now, with age, being exposed to chemicals and various environmental factors, the keratin layer starts to wear off.

The Keratin treatment in simple words is putting Keratin back within the structure of the hair. So, a great keratin treatment repairs your hair. Products with a high concentration of natural fibrous protein, Keratin are applied to the hair. Followed by heat treatments to lock in the protein.

Keratin treatment replenished the depleted keratin in the hair. This makes keratin the least harmful straightening treatment. Because instead of breaking and relaxing the protein bonds in the hair like Extenso. This treatment repairs the damaged hair which results in smoothing out the natural frizz or wave in the hair. And it gives straighter healthy hair without causing any damage.

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How does Keratin treatment work?

Keratin treatment repairs the hair on the micro-level. You will have to spend 3 to 5 hours in the saloon, for the treatment. The stylist will pre-treat your hair to prepare the cuticle for the treatment.

1. Pre-treatment:

For pre-treatment, an alkaline shampoo is used twice to lift up all the surface build-up. The high PH shampoo will lift the overlapping layers of the cuticle. This is done to make sure the maximum amount of keratin is absorbed in the cuticle.

2. The application:

The keratin-rich product is applied to the hair using a brush. It is important to cover all the hair and distribute the product evenly in all the hair from root to the tips. But the product should not over-saturate the hair.

3. The heat treatment:

Hair is blow-dried to further adjust the structure of the hair. This is followed by a flat iron to lock in the products and to strengthen the shape of the hair.

What To Expect After Keratin Hair Treatment:

Keratin hair treatment will give you glossy, healthy hair. The treatment is mostly harmless. During the first week of treatment, you will have dead, super straight hair. They will start to look more natural after the second week.

The best part is you can style your hair in any way you want, be it loose curls or waves. Use a Sulphate free shampoo after the treatment to maintain the look. And you cannot swim in chlorinated water after Keratin.

Which Hair Type is Best Suited for Keratin:

Fine, porous hair responds better to the keratin treatment. Keratin is best for you if you have a generally healthy hair and you want to remove the unwanted wave and the frizz. For very dry and damaged hair again Keratin is better because unlike Extenso it doesn’t damage hair.

What is Extenso treatment?


The Extenso treatment is almost like rebonding. It is just it gives 20% more volume to hair than rebonding. And it is less damaging too. Though it doesn’t give your hair the luster or shine that is a signature look for rebonding. But it will give your hair a more natural, sleek, frizz-free look.

Unlike Keratine treatment, Extenso doesn’t wash out over time. So, your super straight hair will go a long way, with only the roots showing the natural texture of your hair.

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How does Extenso work:

Extenso restructures hair on a micro level, It relaxes the hair bond and alters their structural composition so they can’t go back to being wavy or frizzy. It is less harmful than traditional hair straightening treatments like rebonding or using a flat iron. It is also more convenient too. You will get a semi-permanent straight look for more than a year.

The procedure includes:

A strand test:

As Extenso can be really damaging to hair a strand test is performed to see if your hair is strong enough to endure this treatment.


1-The Extenso treatment is then applied to the hair while mechanically straightening them. For natural hair wash off after 15 minutes.

2-Next is neutralizer, it is applied twice for 5 minutes each time.

3- If the hair is not feeling brittle, then we move on to the next step that is smoothing cream. Smoothing cream takes around 15 minutes to effect. Hair is thoroughly washed for 3 minutes to remove the product.

4- The last step is to blow-dry the hair to perfect the shape.

And viola your hair is super silky and straight.

Which hair type is best-suited for Extenso:

If you have very curly, thick, coarse hair than Extenso hair treatment is for you. Also, if you like the dead straight look without having to style them every time, you should definitely go for Extenso.

But in case your hair is extensively treated and colored, Extenso will damage them further. As it is an intensive chemical treatment which includes blow-dry and ironing too.

Loreal Extenso Vs Keratin Hair Treatment:

Loreal Extenso treatments and products are the best these days. And most hairstylists use them religiously. Now for the Loreal Extenso Vs Keratin discussion, we can say both have their pros and cons.

Keratin doesn’t damage the hair, but it doesn’t work for coarse and thick hair. Extenso gives frizz-free, super straight hair that doesn’t require any further styling. But in the Loreal Extenso Vs Keratin competition, Extenso treated hair needs a lot of aftercare while keratin aftercare is limited to using Sulphate free shampoos. Overall Loreal, Extenso gives a close competition to Keratin.

What you should do before deciding on a hair treatment?

After googling the details, before and after pics, and client reviews DO NOT make the decision. To finally decide the best option is to consult an experienced hair stylist. Do not let any untrained person near your hair, especially when you are going for extensive chemical treatments.

Set a consultation meeting with your hair stylist. They will need to examine hair or porosity and elasticity. Extensively treated of colored hair requires a strand test first.

After the hair treatments, stick to the products recommended by your salon and take good care of your hair. As treated hair is prone to damage.

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The big debate: Extenso Vs Keratin Treatment:

When we reached this point of research, we were loaded with information. But expert opinion is always the best option. We reached out to a hairstylist and asked for her two cents on the Extenso Vs Keratin debate.

We asked which treatment would you like to choose for yourself. And she said she would prefer keratin on any given day. The reason being Keratin doesn’t damage hair like the other straightening and relaxing treatments. Extenso actually relaxes the protein bonds within the hair. And restructure them to make the hair dead straight. The Extenso treated hair cannot go back to their natural texture while on the other hand, Keratin washes out of hair in around 6 months.

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So, which hair treatment would you go for? Do you think Extenso treatment is better than Keratin treatment or vice-versa? We would go for Keratin hair treatment on any given day.

Do let us know if our article helped you make the big decision to get dead straight gorgeous hair, Share your pictures and thoughts in the comments.

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