Exfoliating Scrub For Dead Skin: 3 Simple Homemade Scrubs

Summer is here and there are some beneficial and exciting scrubs that you must try out at homes. They can help you keep your skin fresh, hydrated and smooth. You have to exfoliate your skin as it is necessary for your skin freshness. We need to exfoliate our skin because the upper surface of our skin absorbs all the stuff and buildup a dead skin. It does not shed on its own. Our skin looks dull because of the dead skin and it may block your pores. So we need some homemade exfoliating scrubs through which you can get rid of dead skin.


Actually, the process of exfoliation is simple and easy. It includes the removal of dead skin which may harm your skin and makes you look dull. Dead skin is the main problem in a way to your beauty. As we all are so much concern about our beauty and actually we really have to.

The process is simple you just need a mild and smooth scrub which can remove all your dead skin. It can also help you to moisturize at a deep level. It gives much more effective and amazing results.

There is an option that you can spend money on luxurious exfoliating scrubs. But if you have an affordable option of homemade scrubs then why to buy them and waste money?

Here are some homemade scrubs that definitely fascinates you people.

1. Coffee and Honey Scrub:

So we have an easy homemade coffee and honey scrub. Take an equal amount of coffee and honey. Correctly mix them and apply gently on your whole face in a circular motion. By doing this all your dead skin will shed and new healthy skin will appear.

Honey is basically natural antioxidant which smooth’s your skin and cleanses without making it dry. Coffee is useful because caffeine found in it raises blood circulation and good for reducing cellulite in your skin. Both coffee and honey are good for acne removal.

2. Himalayan Pink Salt Scrub:

It is the best scrub so far as it is recommended to use this at least once a week. The Himalayan pink salt is a good way to exfoliate your skin.

It is good because it contains minerals like calcium, chloride, iron, magnesium, potassium and sodium all are good for your body.

The basic ingredients which are required to make this scrub are:

  • Take 1 cup Himalayan Pink Salt
  • Only 1-2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 5-6 drops of lavender oil
  • ½ cup of coconut oil

3. Coconut and Brown Sugar Scrub:

Coconut is useful and it whitens your dark patch areas like your knees, elbow and heels. Mix both 1 cup brown sugar and ½ cup melted coconut oil. Apply this scrub on your skin. Then rinse with warm water after applying this scrub.

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